sponsor love - 2 little hooligans

expecting? looking for that perfect handmade baby gift? a new outfit for that special little someone? check out 2 little hooligans. run by christina, a talented and lovely mommy of 3 little ones who is what i like to call a bib whiz. her bibs are fun, modern and she just makes me want to buy all of them. she also sells washcloths, rompers, dresses, and many other gorgeous goodies!

you can also see what fabulous things christina is up to on her blog 2 little hooligans. i cannot wait for the tutorial to come out for this "casserole carrier". i've been crossing my fingers for months that she would share with us how to make one. you can find other tutorials, and pics of her adorable kiddos on her blog as well.

thanks for supporting luvinthemommyhood christina, you know i love ya girl, and thank you for all your wonderful emails and comments over the last year. getting to know people like you is what makes blogging so much fun :)

you can find more about christina at 2 little hooligans the shop, the blog and on flickr.

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