sponsor love - sweet pea patterns

now that we've started off comfy sews VS. cozy knits month and the first virtual showdown was between knit slippers and sewn slippers i thought it would be more than fitting to cause you to drool some more over the cutest slippers & shoes you can sew for your little ones!

the sweet pea patterns shop is filled with adorable, stylish and modern patterns for handmade shoes for your child ranging in sizes from newborn to 12-18mths! cheri's designed easy to read patterns that feature instructions, photos and pattern pieces. these are the perfect quick project that is appropriate for the beginner to the advanced sewer. i also love what cheri has to say here:

"Here at Sweet Pea Patterns we work very hard to make sure that each & every step is explained with a picture and explanation of what is being done to help you to make beautiful baby shoes just like you see in the pictures. Even if you are a beginner, you need not worry, every step is explained-- I promise!! If you still have questions, just email me, and I'll be happy to help you."

not sure about all you ladies who are still learning to sew like me, but anyone who is going to explain all the steps and show tons of pics is my kind of shop to buy patterns from! i seriously have been drooling over all of these patterns since cheri did a giveaway here in the mommyhood during our babyhood bonanza. i actually squealed when i spotted the new retro loafer! how cute are those? i need to make some for harper. they just jumped to the top of my must make list. so if you've got a wee one, or know someone who does and you want to make some adorable, stylish shoes for a .....

little boy? no problem.....

how about a little girl? you bet!

sweet pea patterns has got you covered!

here's to cute little, wriggly baby toes and to the super sweet shoes to keep them warm this fall! make sure you pop by sweet pea patterns and say hello :)

what fabrics would you use to make your favorite pair? which ones do you love the most? have you made baby shoes before? any tips?