mommyhood moments - out of office reply

christmas is coming - yikes! i just looked at my calendar and just about fainted! i have some serious sewing and knitting to do to get my gifts all done to ship for december 1st. you all know how it goes right? i also have a to do list that is seriously the longest it's ever been, it is now playing a prominent role in my dreams at night - yes, i am dreaming about my to do list. things like getting christmas cards ordered in time for them to arrive to get them mailed out, as well as editing/ordering the gazillion pics i need developed of the kiddos for said cards. i am also working on a big surprise for the site and 3 new tutorials...ohhh, you excited? well the list goes on...but i won't bore you with all of it because i'm sure it is almost the same as all of yours. overwhelming, anxiety causing, heartbeat racing, sweat inducing, fear filled to do lists - eeekkk!

oh, and yes, i know i don't really have an office, but i will be away from the "mommyhood" for a few days. please feel free to hang out here though, and converse, get inspired, leave a comment and just have some fun! i will be officially back next monday but may be popping in here and there as my pressies get finished cause you all know what's the fun in making them if you can't share right??

wish me luck, i'm gonna need it :) i'm hoping that:

a) i don't ruin any of my projects
b) my sewing machine lives through the next 2 weeks, it's been feeling a bit down lately
c) my children don't get sick again and actually allow me to craft
d) i wake up tomorrow and it is now decided that there will be 36 hours in a day instead of 24
e) my hubby forgives me for neglecting the house, chores and his laundry in exchange for material, wool, knitting needles, paper, scrap fabric & thread all over the place. don't worry honey, i'll make sure i leave a space on the bed for you to sleep on..haha.
f) my toddler actually sleeps through the night without waking up 5 times.
- geez, that was way too easy to write, i think i could do the whole alphabet!

and now i'll leave you with what's been making me cry every time i hear it, seriously, i bawl like a friggin baby. whether it's my hormones, lack of sleep, the fact that harper turned 6 months on the weekend & ate her first food, or just plain soft heart, this song from the new taylor swift album (which i cannot stop listening to because i LOVE it soooo much) is just oh gosh, just making me a pile of mush. so to all you mommas out there this one's for you - get out your kleenx. have a wonderful week, see you soon!

are you feeling overwhelmed by your to do list? what do you do to conquer it? are you making your xmas pressies this year? i made a promise to myself that would make as many xmas gifts as i could this year, anyone else doing the same?