whipup 2011 calendar!!

ohhhh, lookie at what i got my hands on!!!! the third annual whipup.net calendar! a gorgeous, eye-candy, drool worthy, crafty goodness filled calendar from whipup! kathreen is one of my fave blogging ladies. her blog, if you don't already know it, is fabulous! it's one of my top resources for crafty inspiration, book reviews and tutorials. i always look forward to her weekly email newsletters as well. i'm so proud to have been featured on her site many times and i'm glad to get to talk about her here in return.

when i found about this calendar i thought "now isn't that perfect". i needed a calendar and i needed one asap. i love calendars. i like to try to attempt to be organized and use my calendar everyday. yes, i use my google calendar but it's ugly and i can't stare at it in awe during the day, nor can i hand write on it with happy faces and hearts. and now because kathreen rocks she is offering us fab folks two ways to buy this year's calendar:

option 1 - you can print the calendar out in 3 different formats - your choice! there's vertical, horizontal or vertical 2 and all are printed on a a4/letter size page. nice. easy. and guess what, it's only $5!!! now really, where can you get this kind of calendar for $5 and bonus, you get all 3 formats for that price! sounds like my kind of calendar. mine is going up right next to my inspiration board. the other perk about this kind of calendar is you can print this puppy out and gift it to some friends! what a fab stocking stuffer as well!

option 2
- your second option is to order the real deal, already made here at Redbubble and i bet it's real pretty!

ready to see who's featured....

recognize some of them? i spotted dottie angel right away, she is one of my faves and yep, there's elsie marley...swoon. each month features another project for us to swoon over. here's the rundown for whipup 2011:

January: www.lilfishstudios.com
February: www.lavenderlimes.blogspot.com
March: www.dottieangel.blogspot.com
April: www.JammerSage.Etsy.com
May: www.filminthefridge.com
June: www.cozymemories.com
July: www.abitofpillipilli.blogspot.com
August: www.lauraleeburch.com
September: www.oneflewover-oneflewover.com
October: www.elsiemarley.com
November: www.myrtleandeunice.com
December & Cover: www.loulouandoscar.com

kathreen is also doing a fun post series right now called the "2011 whipup calendar girls". you can read a fun interview with all 12 of the talented ladies featured in the calendar. click here to check them all out in the next week or so.

make sure to pop over and tell kathreen how great she is and also check out her equally fabulous book "whipup mini quilts: patterns and how to for more than 20 contemporary small quilts", is there anything this momma of 2 can't do? go kathreen!

which month is your fave? do you have a favorite blogger featured? where do you hang your calendar? do you still use one?

p.s. happy thanksgiving!!! us Canadians had ours in oct. I wish you all a happy gobble gobble day!

*all images copyright whipup.net