Pattern Pieces for the Eco-Friendly Placemat to Bib Tutorial!

does she look familiar? awww, how time flies. the "eco-friendly placemat to bib tutorial" was one of my earlier ones and mackenzie was so makes me cry just looking at it. seems so weird that she's gonna be 4 in a few months :( it's also sad that it's taken me this long to scan in the bib pieces so you guys can just print it out and cut. this is a really easy and fun bib to make and very, very cheap to buy supplies for. we use ours all the time, in fact i need to make some more.

click here for the original tutorial and here's the pattern pieces:

Top of bib

Bottom of Bib

Sides of Bib

feel free to ask any questions if you have them :)

have you made any of these bibs? don't forget to add your pic to our flickr group - i'd love to see them!