sponsor love - magpie patterns

if you read my blog regularly you know i'm always taking on more projects than i can possibly make. i'm always dreaming, scheming and pondering how and when i'm going to get one done just so i can start another. i guess it's the gemini in me. finding time between being a busy mom to two little ones, a wife and a blogger has made scheduling time for my passion to create tricky. it's definitely something i need to move up the priority list in 2011. i am definitely sure i am not the only one constantly struggling with this dilemma. i think we all need a longer day in one way or another. what i have learned this year though is that even if it's only one seam sewn or one row knitted i'm happier for it and in turn that makes me a better mother and a happier wife :)

what that doesn't solve though is how many projects i covet. ohhhhh if you could see my list..haha, you would freak out! i freak out! it's nuts...but what's a girl to do right? how can you help it with so many wonderful and inspirational tutorials and blog posts floating around out there! so where do i go when i need a fix? i head to one of my fave online shops - magpie patterns that's owned by the lovely & one of my fave mommas to email and moan about hubbies who work to much - amy. wanna come with? it's fun to shop with a friend right? cool. let's do some xmas shopping. here's what i would pick up if i had unlimited time and budget (and skill..haha).

let's start with knitting shall we?

or maybe some crochet...

ohhhh, and how about some sewing?

oh, and we can't leave without checking out the embroidery and books!

ok, that was seriously so much fun! time to wipe the drool off my face. why not head on over to magpie patterns and get those xmas gifts all made with love or heck, get yourself a little pressie while you're at it.

what did you buy? your faves? you know i seriously could have bought the whole shop but i thought that just would have been excessive..haha. you up for a coffee? let's go down the road....