moments in the mommyhood - vintage finds...oh me, oh my!

i'm so thrilled with my new thrifting finds this weekend! those of you who follow me on facebook know how excited i was that after posting my weekend wishes i found some vintage sheets and pyrex! so fun! i had taken the kidlets out to go splash around at the beach in our rainboots but as soon as i loaded us all in the car it started pouring buckets. too many buckets for my taste. so we got a starbucks (surprise, surprise) and drove to the beach crossing our fingers it would stop. by the time i got there though i heard the familiar "mommy, i've got to go pee". aiyaya, ok, so no bathrooms where we were but luckily we were nearby one of my fave thrifting haunts that happens to have a bathroom close by. fate. so we ran in, peed and then it was like the stars aligned.

there was a lot of pyrex on friday, but just not in my colors. the dish i did buy isn't in my colors either but i could not leave it there. i tried more than a few times. i knew she was coming home with me. i was excited to find out when i got home that this line that i had never seen before was a promotional line from pyrex - i love finding those! if you are a lover of pyrex you need to check out the blog "in color order". this blog is filled with pyrex heaven, she even has a whole pyrex series. there's listings for all the series, how to clean them, colors, etc... it's my go to guide for pyrex. be sure to check it out! the dish i just got is from the barbed wire series.

i also found this sheet set that i am so in love with. the best part, besides that it's old, is that it's KING SIZE! squeal!!! and it came with 2 pillowcase that were bigger than mack is high!!!! when i opened it up to show jer how big it was i couldn't get it fully open in the living's giant! the shop i go to is consignment so they check all the sheets etc before putting them out for sale so i knew there wouldn't be coodies on this puppy. i keep pulling it out and looking at it all freshly laundered and folded and wondering how i'm ever going to cut into all that prettiness. i mean really...the trim...the blue...the flowers...ahhhhh.

we had a good weekend here even though the hubs and i were silly enough to stay up on sat night till 1:00 playing wii (a friends that we borrowed) and having mack & harper wake up while we were playing and neither of them going back to bed until 4:00 am!! yep, i was up pretty much all night. but you know was was fun until 1..hahaha. i also got some sewing done on a new tutorial that you will all be seeing in feb sometime and i finished up an adorable baby pressie for my pal amy for her new handsome little cherub - pics to come soon.

i hope you all had a great weekend too and that you had a heckuva lot more sleep than i did. did you have any thrifting luck this weekend? are you a follower on facebook? come like luvinthemommyhood...we have fun on there! happy monday :)