project run & play - i ain't no nina garcia

most of you know how much i love project runway. i'm a diehard fan. even though i have seen all the seasons i still continue to watch the reruns almost every night at 11:00pm on a channel that i will forever love just for re-airing them. i have even watched the australian and of course, the canadian seasons as well. they are also fabulous and lots of fun. so you can imagine my surprise, excitement and shock when micalah (mom of 2 and sewing addict) from "project run & play" asked me to be a judge for her new blog! it's a play on project runway all based on clothing for kids!!!!! heaven.

i think i reread the email about 10 times thinking she sent it to the wrong person. i quickly said yes and then went and checked out who the designers were......OMG! i just about fainted. how in the world am i supposed to judge these insanely and i mean insanely talented ladies? i mean i ain't no nina garcia or michael kors here ladies. the closest i can get to the show is that i know how to say Auf Wiedersehen like heidi because i'm german (oh heidi, what were you thinking with your outfit to the globes?). honestly though, it's only been one week but i was truly blown away. i mean check this out...the first week's theme was "winter wonderland"...

winner - katy of no big dill

runner up - lindsay of the cottage home

1. ashley of lil blue boo 2. kelly of sewing in no mans land
3. kirstin & jordan of kojo designs

1. susan of freshly picked 2. shauna of shwin & shwin
3. jess of craftiness is not optional

so exciting and so much fun! come join in and make sure to vote for your favorite outfit! this week's theme is the reinterpretation of the leila and ben sweet dress pattern. should be fab! the scores of the contestants are based on reader poll votes and the judges scores. i promise to judge these wonderful ladies honestly, fairly and with all the excitement that i get from reading each and every one of their blogs. for more about how the whole project run & play thing works click here.

thanks again for asking me micalah! i'm honored to be a part of this fun & friendly competition. do you wanna be a part of the fun? you guys can submit things you've made based on the theme of the week and micalah may just post you on the blog too! so fun! if i wasn't a judge i think i would make the projects too. it get's the creative juices flowing!

you guys excited? do you watch project runway? did you vote in the first round of project run & play?