quilting 911 - my tired eyes

the quilt top piecing is done! woot woot! i did it! i know...it's not a hard pattern, but hey, i'm a newbie and anything that isn't royally screwed up is a success in my books! i had a very hard time deciding where to put each print and at one point had to put it away for a few days so i could look at it with a fresh opinion. after taking lots of pics of lots of patterns this was the way i decided to go. whatcha think? you like? i hope so...cause i ain't taking it a apart..haha.

what i am stumped on now is the backing and the bias. i loved everyones suggestions for the turquoise/red combo. i think that would be so adorable. what i'm having a hard time with is actually finding a print i like for the backing..ok...and for the trim. yikes! maybe it's my sleep deprived self but i'm just not finding the right fit. nothing is jumping out at me. i'm also coming up empty handed for a home dec weight that's modern with turquoise in it for reupholstering my new chair. you guys gotta help a girl out :) they are all blending together in my mind.

should i use something from the same "it's a hoot" line for the rest of the quilt? what about one of these?

so here's my questions for today's 911:

- would you do red bias and turquoise backing or vice versa?
- seen any great prints you think would go fabulously?
- have you seen a modern home dec weight with turquoise in it you think i would love for my sewing chair?

you guys would be saving me. i seriously was online for a long time last night trying to find something and just kept coming up empty handed. i think i've decided to try quilting in the boxes individually and i'm excited to get it going but i need my backing fabric first.

where is your fave go to place to look for new fabric? do you have a fave fabric shop online? share your thoughts.