the shoulders have taken over

ok, i had a totally different post planned for today but i seriously could not restrain myself from posting about the golden globes. i look forward to the golden globes and the oscars each year. the hairdresser in me loves to check out the hair, the makeup, the clothes and ohhhhh, the glamour. this year's awards didn't dissapoint. my fave all around....yep...anne hathaway. LOVE. I DIE. hahahha, yes, you guessed it...rachel zoe was her stylist. i knew as soon as i saw anne that rachel had a hand in it. she looked flawless and that dress, while i'm not a giant fan of the comeback of the the big shoulders it works on anne.

my other faves for the awards show...claire danes - a close runner up to anne. this simple dress fit her like a glove and was beautfiul in it's simplicity. sofia vergara also looked stunning and man can that girl work her curves. gives us busty gals some hope :) the newly single eva longoria and scarlet johansson also looked lovely.

now for the worst dressed. i seriously hated michelle williams dress. her haircut - adorable, but the dress...heinous. ugly. next up j-lo. i'm not feeling that white cape and all the pounds of makeup you're wearing and jennifer love hewitt..not sure about your dress but the hair, oh the hair. me no likie. and last, but not least, helena bonham carter...what can i say...worst dressed. bah. ok, i'm done...hahaha, i got it out of my system, i promise tomorrow i'll be back with our regular schedule programming.

did you watch? who was your fave? least fave? did your fave movie/show win? i think it will be a fun morning chat, why don't you join's on :)

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