You're a winner!

we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!

I answered the poll!

congratulations erin!!!!! you're the winner! i'll be in touch soon to get your contact info.

i hope to have a few other giveaways this year made by me as well, so if you didn't win today, don't worry, you may get to another time. if you want to make an infinity & beyond scarf for yourself here's the link and the booklet for instructions on how to wear it is in the works. i hope it's done sooner than later...but as you other moms know, it will more likely be later.

a big thank you to all of you for all of your entries. you guys are so sweet and it honestly means the world to me that there was even 1 entry for a scarf made by me :) it was the best xmas pressie. i really want you all to know how much your loyalty and friendship has meant over the last year and a half and how special this community is to me. you've been with me through many a lonely night, bad and good mommy days, one parenting crises after another, a pregnancy (aka a lot of barfing), a birth, birthdays, holidays, sickness, health, and everything in between. you've cheered me up, made me laugh, made me cry, shared your stories, given advice, counselled, taught and just plain been fabulous friends. you are part of what makes blogging my passion and what honestly brings joy to my life every single day. so thank you...thank you...thank you. i hope 2011 is just as good of a year for all of us and that we can all continue to share it together.

how's your week going? have you made an infinity scarf yet? come join our flickr group and show off your projects, i'd love to see what you are all making!