moments in the mommyhood - still truckin...

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hi everyone! how are you all? what a week. hope yours was better than ours. not to be a whiner in any way but man oh man, did my week suck. yuck. sick toddler with the croup, sick me with god knows what and some serious lack of sleep. it all equalled a crappy week. luckily we are all on the mend though. i spent the weekend sick truckin along on getting a new tutorial finished for all of you! i'm super, super excited about it and cannot wait to show you! it's going to be on a fave blog of mine sometime soon so you will have to stay tuned!!!! let's just say that it will come in handy :P

anyhoo i just wanted to pop in here quickly and say hi and apologize for the shortage of posting, facebooking and tweeting goodies. hopefully all will be back to normal soon, but in the meantime i'm going to bed while the kids are actually asleep :) oh....and giveaway tomorrow!!!! woot woot!

whatcha been up to? anyone else struggling through those times when you & the kiddos are sick at the same time? wanna commiserate? let's make each other feel better. hugs!