moments in the mommyhood - thrifty goods & rainbow pants

i'm sad the weekend is over already. ours went by way too fast...what about yours? i got a wonderful surprise on friday from a friend. what better thank you gift to get than a vintage casserole dish in the fire king pattern i'm collecting along with 2 vintage pillowcases? you know me so well :P fabulous! thanks amy - i love it!!!!! wanna see?

i haven't had time to go thrifting in a few weeks as we've been too busy but i'm dying to know what you all have been finding! any new goodies anyone? show us! i know if i can't go i want to live vicariously through your thrifting! besides longing to go thrifting i took the girls to the park to enjoy some warm, sunny spring weather and get some mileage happening on mackenzie's bike she got for xmas. what i didn't plan on though was the fact that wearing harper in the ergo and holding mack's handlebars was not good for my sore back. duh! i mean hello shannon! silly mama.

anyhoo, it was fun in the end and worth the pain even though it was one of those park trips where we got to the park and not even 5 mins later mackenzie announces she has to pee, so off we biked back home. by the time we got back home she was biking on her own just like a big girl! nothing like a little pee to get over your fear of riding a bike.

don't y'all wish we all could wear rainbow pants? i do. i mean how could you not feel cheerful on a rainy day with bright rainbow pants?

i did make it to my exercise class this weekend, sore back and all, and actually felt better after it was done. i guess i needed a good stretch and an ass whooping :P no luck thus far on the bra shopping front. i swear i tried on about 50 bras. time to check out some of your online recommendations. other than that i've been sewing whenever i get a chance for my post for "once upon a thread" over on no big dill this week!!! i'm so excited to show you all! i just hope the weather cooperates for me to get my pics done. right now it's pouring buckets so send some clear sky wishes my way.

how's your day going? did you have a good weekend? any guesses on which book i'm doing for no big dill?