Knitting Bag Tutorial with Guest Buffy of Passionate Design

we've got a few special posts for this holiday weekend. i love my readers here on luvinthemommyhood and versus. i love seeing and hearing about what you all are making. what fun is it to craft and then not show off your handiwork? i know i'm not that only one who believes in sharing & showing so i thought it might be fun to have a few readers of mine guest post this weekend.

do you remember me mentioning a few weeks back the new knitting bag that my pal buffy sent me? it was such a sweet surprise to get in the mail from one of the sweetest ladies i know. thank you again so very much buffy! luv ya hun!

this knitting bag of mine rocks. it's perfect for sitting beside me on the couch, on the floor, on the table at knit night. it holds just the right amount to quickly bring along with me to whip out a few rows in the parking lot at my daughter's preschool (yes, i do this) or any other place i think i may just get my knit on at. when you need something just big enough for a project or two this bag is the perfect fit. not too big and not too small. so without further ado i'm going to take my poor voiceless, sick self off to rest and let buffy finish telling you all about how to make your very own knitting bag....

click here for the rest of the tutorial