Lace Belt Tutorial with Guest Toni from Make It Perfect

ok....this post has had me seriously squealing with delight for a few days now. as soon as toni from make it perfect sent it to me i just started daydreaming about all the possibilities! i mean really....i just love the idea of anything with lace, doilies and fun fabric and then put it together onto an accessory and i am one happy lady!!!!

toni needs no introduction but i'm gonna do it anyways cause i can't help myself...haha. she's the mastermind behind the "make it perfect" line of patterns, blog and book!!! toni is pretty much amazing. if you haven't checked out her work before go check it out now. this australian momma has got skills ladies. i'm dying over that coastal dress. i need to make one yesterday :p

when toni said she would join in for this round of comfy sews VS cozy knits i was super excited! what a treat! her book "make it perfect: 21 easy patterns for sewing women's and children's clothes" is filled with lovely goodies! let's all hope the publishers decide to get it released over in the states and here in canada because i want a copy!

want a chance to win some make it perfect sewing patterns? check out the post below this one to enter into the "make it perfect sewing pattern giveaway"! woot woot!

you guys ready to hear from toni? here she is...

Hi guys! I'm in the Versus ring today - I don't think I need to tell you that I'm fighting for the sewers! I do love a quick sewing project - especially something that I can start AND finish when the kids have gone to bed all ready to wear the next morning.

As much as I do love sewing though, I have to admit that I am fond of a bit of knitting and crochet (I said fond of, not good at!) at the moment I am working on a super cute crocheted bag but it won't be finished any time soon!

If you are looking for a sewing project that you can finish quickly though - like in half an hour - then keep reading for my Lace Belt Tutorial...

wanna make one of your own? click here for the rest of the tutorial on versus!

don't forget to enter the "make it perfect sewing pattern" giveaway posted below!