Organic Cotton Facecloth Tutorial with Guest Melynda of French Press Knits

it's time for some knitting ladies! get those needles out. turn the sewing machine off and welcome one of my fave knitty gals melynda of "french press knits"! she's back again this year to support her craft of choice and i'm super excited to have her! whether you're looking for the best pair of slippers EVER, a stylish cowl, hat or wrap - the lovely melynda is your gal!

this super talented knitter is also a new momma. i keep finding myself squealing each time she posts some of the knitted pretties she's whipping up for her gorgeous new baby girl. what a lucky little lady :)

so start thinking cozy...

the knits are joining in!!!

let's hear from melynda...

Ok, ok. I know what you're thinking: "What's this crazy knitter doing here? It's Spring. Time to dust off the sewing machine and put the knitting needles away."

Maybe you aren't thinking this, but there was a time when every spring meant knitting season was over for me. I was what you would call a "fair-weather knitter" (and in this case, fair-weather would actually mean weather of a chilly variety). But, in the past few years I have abandon my wayward ways to become a die-hard knitter, and along the way, I've learned that knitting works in all seasons. From shawlettes, lightweight cardis, socks, and baby projects (and not to mention stocking up for those colder months)- summer knitting has become a necessity.

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