Picnic Blanket Tutorial with Guest Katy from No Big Dill

i'm so excited to welcome our first guest - katy from one of my favorite blogs "no big dill", to kick off comfy sews VS cozy knits this month. i could not resist asking her to come back again and join in for our spring/summer edition. this lovely, sweet, caring and oh, so talented momma constantly amazes me with her attention to detail, impeccable seamstress skills and whimsical & imaginative designs. she never ceases to inspire me to always want to learn more about the art of sewing and to really push myself to do more than just a straight stitch.

when it comes down to my inner battle between knitting & sewing, katy sure does one heck of a job luring me over to the sewing side. i mean really...how can you not want to sew looking at these?


i only hope to one day be able to sew like katy. so let's all get inspired. let's hear from katy!

Hello Luvinthemommyhood readers!! I am excited and happy to get back in the ring this year for the Sews!

When I was thinking of what I wanted to make for Versus this year, I wanted to make something that I actually needed, not just make something to make something. We were out on a picnic a few weeks ago and I noticed there wasn't any room for the food once we all got on the blanket! The problem is, fabric only comes so wide, so I decided to piece some fabric together lengthwise to create a picnic blanket big enough for our family of 7!

click here for the rest of the tutorial over on versus!