moments in the mommyhood - the bug took me down

i got taken down by another nasty bug again.  it took the weekend wishes out of me and my post for today :(  this year has been the crappers for health for me but i'm hopeful the rest of it is gonna be awesome!  i missed hearing what you were all up to this weekend.  anything fun?  any crafting?

even though i've been sick i did get out to soak up the sun while i could.  heck, i don't care that my nose is pouring buckets, my lips are chapped & poofy (this happens to me when i get a bad cold), my head is pounding and i have a fever... that won't keep me from laying at the beach :P  you never know when the rain is going to come so you take the sun while you can get it.  i also managed to drag myself to knit night for some creative medicine.  i tell you, some yummy tea, my knitting, some kick ass jazz and good company can make a girl feel soooo much better.  i even got one of my legwarmers done!  woot woot!  i'm hopelessly addicted to the magic loop method now!  you must try it.

but i haven't just been knitting.  i've been sewing a lot too.  i can't wait to show you all what i've been working on.  so adorable!  i've finished a pressie for a friend's new baby and am working on two more things for my girls.  hopefully i'll get those done this week.  i'm running behind on my sewing though.  i tried to get a lot done this weekend but it proved not to be a good idea as i missed cutting out pattern pieces, sewed things to the wrong parts, sewed them the wrong way, and spent more time with my seam ripper than i have ever wanted to.  moral of the story....don't sew when you are sick :P

do you ever find that even though you are feeling down and under the weather that you will still try to pick up your sewing or knitting when you can't do anything else?  it's cathartic isn't it?  it takes my mind off my ailments and whatever is bothering me and helps to just let me escape a little from my own self induced pity party..haha.  so stay tuned this week, hopefully there will be pics of my little projects (sewn together properly this time), a fab book review and some other goodies for you all! was your weekends ladies?  whatcha been crafting?  pull up a chair, i've got coffee on and i'm in the mood to chat :)