Round 4 - Comfy Sews VS Cozy Knits Skirts

1. shiroshakar 2. flower gathered skirt

hi everyone! i'm over on the fun blog hideous! dreadful! stinky! for the "summer of no pants series" today! i love this series! it's a fun challenge where people make an effort to only sew and wear skirts and dresses. marigold asked me to join in with a round of "comfy sews VS cozy knits" on skirts for you all (you can find dress showdowns here)! i love skirts and dresses. i would prefer to wear a skirt/dress over pants any day. in fact i just made my very first dress for myself (check out the tutorial here)! i'm so happy i did!
so here's a fun roundup so that all of you will feel encouraged and inspired to whip up some skirts this summer! the only question is which side will you be on? knits or sews?

get in your seats gals, the battle is about to begin...


click here for the full roundup & to join in on the "summer of no pants" series!

you can find all things hideous! dreadful! stinky! here...

what do you all prefer? are you more of a pants girl or a skirts girl? could you go the whole summer wearing only skirts and dresses?

p.s. weekend wishes is on it's way later this morning :)