lovely clusters - the pretty blog

are you looking for a blog to get lost in with soothing images, pretty lovelies and beautiful handmade goodies galore?  well let me just say that when i'm having one of "those days" and i feel the need for some soothing and relaxing eye candy i pop over to lovely clusters.  rachel's blog and shop is filled with the most gorgeous pictures, mood boards, color inspirations and dreamy images.  i love to get lost there.

one of my favorite parts of lovely clusters is the ability to search for pretty things based on your color preference.  i mean hello....i can search under teal & turquoise!  love it! and then voila! lots of pretty things to buy in my fave colors!

don't get me wrong, i'm a pinterest addict - proud of it too, but before pinterest came along and even now it's here i still visit lovely clusters.

rachel even has catalogs now!  lovely free emags filled with lots of inspiration.  you can find the spring/summer and fall/winter issues here.

so go get inspired or how about some shopping...go treat yourself to something handmade and pretty from the one of the many gorgeous shops featured on lovely clusters.  

after drooling over all of the good stuff rachel puts together over on lovely clusters i knew when doing my research for the luvinthemommyhood blog redesign the other month that she was the girl for the job.  who else better than to help give you guys your "brain latte" than rachel.  yep, that's right, she's a graphic designer as well.  you can find her shop here on ironwood design studio.  i don't want to embarrass her too much but I do have to say that rachel - you are ahhhhhmmmmazing!  i love the blog and you seriously rock!  thank you for doing such a wonderful job and for putting up with all my crazy ideas. giant hugs and thank you, thank you, thank you!

you are sure to find something you love over on lovely clusters:

are you on pinterest?  are you a fan of lovely clusters?  do you sell on lovely clusters?  where do you go for inspiration online?  you can follow me on pinterest here :)