makin'it in the mommyhood - summer vacation dress!

we've got a birthday party coming up this weekend and i thought what better gift to give a pretty, fun loving 6 year old to be girl than the perfect summer dress? 

i've been waiting since last year to have a go at the summer vacation dress pattern by the insanely talented blogger pal of mine - dana of "made".  i've had the elastic thread just sitting in my sewing desk drawer calling out my name since then.

i have to admit i was a bit fearful of using it.  not of the thread but of what my crabby sewing machine would do the garment i would try to sew with it. 

i finally sucked it up, wound my bobbin with the elastic thread by hand and had a go at it.  boy am i happy i did!  love it!  can we say easy peasy?!  i see a ton more of this in our future. 

the pattern was fast, easy and there were a lot of versions that allow you to change up the look or customize it.  i had planned on adding the bow in front and the pockets that dana shows for the version i made but after seeing the dress with the bottom print on it i didn't think it needed anymore embellishment and left it to speak for itself.

i love the way the little cap ruffle strap seems dainty yet playful at the same time.  i can't stop thinking of places to add straps now with elastic thread sewn in!

i think it balanced out the bottom border just right.  i think my little one likes it

in fact, she's pretty upset that momma is giving this one away.  i almost decided to keep it for her, but then realized there is no more orange polka dot print left to make another one and also i have no time to make another one this week :( 

i think i'll make it up to her by letting her choose the fabric for her own version.  she loves being involved in my sewing and picking out colors for my projects.  in fact, i always ask her opinion on things i'm making for kids because...well....i want the kids to like it and be attracted to it too!  sometimes what i think is fun for a child she hates so i always test run things by her now.

i hope the bday girl likes it as much as mack does and this dress gets it's fair share of play time, summer fun, beach romping, backyard butterfly chasing and trips to the ice cream shop.

in fact....i think i want one too!   thank you dana for making such a fantabulous pattern and for also allowing it to be made for an adult too!!!  you rock girl!! so if you've been wanting to try to use elastic thread but have been a bit hesitant - go for it!  it's fun!  do a practice swatch first and then sew it up ladies!

have any of you made the summer vacation dress?  which version did you make?  what's your go to birthday party dress for little girls?  any faves you'd love to share?  i'd love to see & hear about them so let's chat :)