moments in the mommyhood - unplugged & a chuckle

Source: via joanamc on Pinterest

i'm unplugging from the computer for a bit today to take the kids and get outside.  also, the hubs is home sick today so i've decided to be his nursemaid.  i'm also having one of my "endo" days (for those of you who don't know i suffer from endometriosis) so last night was a not so productive evening on my part for blogging.  it was productive for going to bed a bit early though.

and i mean really, i just needed an exuse to post the above pic of the "ferris bueller's day off" cross stitch pattern!  love it!  danke schön darlings, danke schön.

this shop rocks btw. it's called wee little stitches & i just about peed my pants when i saw her selection - breakfast club, pretty in pink, big bang theory, ghostbusters....awesome!!!  i can't decide which one i love the most.  go check it out if you wanna join me in my crush of all things contemporary cross stitch.  plus she's canadian!  you go girl!

how's your week going?  need a chuckle?  check out this resignation letter from some dude who recently quit whole foods.  the hubs showed it to me last night and i bust a gut laughing.  this guy is priceless.  hope you have a great day! i'll be back tomorrow with our yarn shop hop!  did you get your answers in yet?