knitting is almost always better with friends.  the more the merrier.  even one can be way more fun!  

i heart my knitting group.  i count down the days of the week until it's saturday.  a few hours with good friends, yummy coffee and my knittng?  helloooo....and the hubby has to ask me why i get so excited? love it.  it's like therapy for me now.  a stress release and a feeling of companionship being able to chat with other mommies who are also as equally obsessed with crafty things as i am.  heck there's even books and movies made solely about knit nights.  women have been doing it for ages.  we can't be that nutso right???!

a good knit night can be hard to find though.  especially if you are new to where you are living. it took me a few years of living here to find one and that was only because a friend i decided to start one & it grew from there.  all of the ones i found in my city didn't work with my hubbies schedule and i had gotten to the point of giving up.  so i thought it only fitting to do a little post on how and where to find a knit night in your town.

i think the first place i always look is on  you can find groups on there no problem.  if you click on groups on your main menu bar when logged in the above screen will come up (the pic above will be on the right side) and you can search for groups who meet in person and who are online.  search by place, craft etc...

next up is to ask your local yarn shops.  a lot of shops offer knit nights in their stores.  i found that the times of these meetups were often inconvenient for me with children as they were during the day a lot but that could work perfect for you.  even though your local shop may not have a knit night i'm betting they know of someone who does that they can refer you to.

don't forget to check your local classifieds or coffee shops a lot of groups post info about their meetups locally and will advertise in these places.

start your own.  get one friend or 2 or three and start from there.  you'll be amazed at how fast it will grow by word of mouth and through the natural networking of people.

think outside of the box.  you can have knit nights in a coffeeshop, restaurant, yarn shop, each others homes, online...heck one of our kal participants suggested a skype knit along.  how fun is that idea!  get creative, there's a group out there for you or one just waiting to be made :)  you won't regret it.  the best friendships can be made over coffee and yarn.  it's a great way to get inspired, stay on track with your wip's and to get help when you're stumped.  the brain break from crying kids always helps too :P

so get knitting with some friends.  you can find a group (or start one) i know you can and just in case you can't find anything take comfort knowing that there will always be a friend to chat knitting with in our luvinthemommyhood ravelry group come join!  the knit along's will hopefully be year round & there's always a bit of chitter chatter.  everyone is welcome :)

are you in a knitting group?  how did you find/start yours?  are you looking for a knitting group to join?  how's your KAL project coming along?  happy knitting ladies :)

*all conversations about the KAL can be found in our luvinthemommyhood ravelry group thread here.  you can find all the previous KAL posts here.  it's never too late to join in!  you can also friend me on under luvinthemommyhooddon't forget to email me if you blog about your KAL project, i love seeing how yours is going.

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