makin'it in the mommyhood - simple skirt & a pretty new dress

so excited to share this little dress with you guys.  it was a labor of love.  something i've had brewing in my mind for a little while now that i just hadn't had time to make.  with the end of summer upon us i figured i better get cracking otherwise this little dress would quickly become a tunic over a long sleeve top for the winter...and although that is adorable i really wanted to see it out and about in the warm sunshine.

the special thing about this dress to me is the bodice.  the way the back/front, straps, and faux button placket all fit together like puzzle pieces around and into each other.  it may just be the trickiest thing i've made from scratch yet.  it was so fun to take something i had in my mind and make it an actual dress.  something that wasn't just a basic a-line.  a lot of this dress is owed to polly the pfaff (polly is a pfaff ambition 1.0).  without my new machine (whom i love) this dress would look like a pile of dog sheat..haha.  messy stitches and wonky bits all over.  with polly...the stitches are smooth, even and sewed like butter no matter how many layers i throwed at her :)

and you all know i could not resist a covered button right?  lindsay from the cottage home has gotten me hopelessly addicted to them (giant congrats her way as well! she had an adorable baby boy cute!).  really, i think i am a goner.   i'm about to order a big bag 

i am so in love with this dress and have plans to make one for mackenzie too.  my question to all you lovely ladies is would you like to make this?  would this be something you would be willing to buy as a pattern?  i've really been toying with making a few e-patterns lately.  the dress would be customizable to be made in all sizes including a ladies tunic/dress.  i had at first intended on making a tutorial but then quickly realized how much work is involved and making my own patterns for you all has been a goal of mine for a while.  so what do you say?  anyone interested?

after i made the dress i realized i couldn't leave mackenzie out so when i asked her what she wanted she quickly replied a new skirt.  she chose her fabric for the skirt and asked for a pocket to match.  so i headed on over to "made" to whip up dana's fab "simple skirt tutorial".  so easy and so fast! i was done the skirt, pocket in all in under an hour!  it was fabulous! i added two rows of top stitching to the hem and also top stitching on the top and bottom of the waistband and also some lace trim to the pocket just for some extra pizazz.

i think one in my size may just be in order :)   i've got a thing for pockets.

i gotta tell ya it sure warms the heart to see my two cutie pies playing in the grass wearing clothes made with love and by my own two hands.  it's so fun to think back to just over a year ago when all i could do was sew a straight line.  i can't wait to see what next year brings!

i'd love to hear your thoughts on the prospect of an e-pattern :)  please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  what have you been making in the mommyhood this week?  any lovelies for your kidlets?  any goodies for yourself?  

fabric details:
harper's dress - willow grove pink/red in the kitchen by alexander henry from (all fabrics come pre-washed & pressed! love it!)
mackenzie's skirt - just stay little in turquoise - children at play by sarah jane for michael miller from