moments in the mommyhood - real life

this is what i've been up to....conquering the dreaded, f*&king mess of laundry that has taken over my bed.  honestly, it's gargantuan. and that's not even all of it.  there is more.  yes, more.  in the wash and in the dryer.  momma got a bit behind and that was, of course, after i had just got caught up.  you know the cycle right?  wash..rinse..repeat...that's what motherhood is in a sense.  i keep moving the piles back from the living room (hoping i will fold it there if i have to stare at it) back to the bed (hoping i will fold it so i can sleep in it) but the folding never happens.  we just use it till it ends up back from the wash again.  i did get it folded though...but now it's in piles on the bed instead of being strewn about.  it's just sitting there all innocently until harper goes running in and throws it everywhere and i have to refold it.  cause we all know i'd much rather be sewing or knitting than folding boring laundry :P

the other day i ended up watching an episode of the new hgtv show "consumed" (i really like how the host handles the clutter) and went on a purge. it seemed to hit home when i watched the show...the idea of putting things in boxes or storage with the thought that you might "one day" use it only to never think of it again for a few years till you move.  so i'm making it a goal this year to purge through all of our excess and donate, donate, donate and sell.  make some breathing room in our tiny condo.  part of the organizing is my sewing wall.

i was so nicely messaged on twitter just before my bday in june that someone had boxes of thread and would i want it? ummmmm...yes i would :)  we drove over and picked it up and let me just say...happy birthday shannon..haha.  i skipped across the driveway like a crazy person.  2 big cloth bags and a box filled with lovely, lovely thread.  serger thread, machine thread and not cheap thread either.  i was in heaven....until i got home and realized i have no idea how to organize this much thread.  so it sits by my bed in it's bags and only yesterday did i decide that's it time to find these guys a home.  any tips?  i'm up for anything except the wall mounted thread things.  i don't have room for it in my place.

some things are organized though....yes.......this shelf makes me happy.  i just got in a gorgeous shipment of amy butler from my sponsor "stitch simple".  all the fabric comes pre-washed and pressed so all you have to do is create with it.  love that about jen's business.  just in case you were wondering the bolts are rolled on comic book inserts.  you get a whole whack of them for like $10 and it's the perfect size for shelves.  unfortunately not all my shelves are this pretty though....

this shelf is still waiting to be folded onto mini bolts along with a whole bunch of other ones.  hopefully by the end of the week :)  we've got some new shelves in the condo that the hubby is planning to paint white in our one time attempt at diy.  needless to say, even though he has the best heart, it was a bit of an ordeal.  i'm hoping that we can put the first semi-failure behind us and get the big one and my sewing desk done.  i mean really, it's pretty tricky to paint giant furniture on a condo balcony.  friggin annoying actually.  that's why my desk has sat unpainted for the last 3 years.

i also i finally mounted a bracket from ikea on the wall to hang the quilts that i am working on.  in the past they were strewn on the ironing board monster or sat on the floor of unfinished projects but i've had enough.  now i can stare at my baby even though she's not done yet.  only about 1/4 left and then it's binding time.  so excited to see harper sleeping with it when it's all done.  my next 2 quilts are already planned out and i'm anxious to start them.

so in between going on an fall cleaning purge and enjoying a bit of fall weather here i've also been dealing with the ongoing diaper battle with blueberries.  i. will. never. look. at. blueberries. the same. again.  end of story.  gross.  bah. moving on...hopefully :)

how was your week?  have you been fall cleaning/purging?  have you done any new organizing of your crafting space?  got some thread tips for me? are you dealing with the dreaded blueberry skat?  you know it's time for coffee and there's a mug here with your name on it...come sip and chat ladies :)  it's almost friday!