Momma's got a boo boo...

momma's got a boo boo.  for those of you who follow my facebook page you may  have heard me ranting about the foolishness of hitting my silly head not once...but twice with my trunk door on friday afternoon.  seriously...i am a clumsy dork.  don't ask me how i did it twice, it's humiliating...i know..but i blame it all on my car and not on myself.  needless to say i hit myself really hard.  so hard that by later that night i was not a happy camper. 

i finally inspected my head and was freaked out to find some cuts/scratches from the trunk door.  damn you car!  don't you know i have sheat to do!  how dare you bonk me really hard twice and expect me to feel dandy as candy!  my car...whose name is vroom vroom veronica by the way (you know how i love to name things) and i are NOT on speaking terms.  i fear our relationship will be scarred forever.  how could she leave me standing stunned staring at my hand over and over checking for blood in the grocery store parking lot?  friggin give her gas and drive her...i mean i know i could clean  her more but honestly, what more can a car ask for?

so by saturday i was a gong show mess.  dizzy, nauseous and a crying fool.  i missed my knit night, screwed up my hubs exam studying schedule and pretty much slept away the day.  before you ask i went to the doctor at the walk in clinic who quickly dismissed me telling me i hit my head and to go rest.  old fart.  just for the record i detest old, grumpy rude doctors.  especially when one is a crying, throbbing head of a mess.  what ever happened to compassion buddy?

anyways, sorry for this weird ol' rant of a post but long story short...i will be absent (sort of) today and maybe tomorrow while i heal my bonked head and attempt to take care of my kidlets until my eyes focus better and i stop feeling so gosh darn off balance.  i don't dare sew for fear of messing up my projects big time so i've been knitting up a storm to try to cheer myself up. i agree with my pal sarah that i think i need a helmet and also yes amy, i think this shirt would be fitting as well :P

*updated to add (09/27/2011): i went to my family doctor today and found out i did indeed get a concussion and now have post concussion syndrome. i'm feeling pretty crappy so taking a few more days off. thanks for all your comments and well wishes.  you guys are so sweet :)

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend that was injury free and filled with fun and crafting galore!  are you clumsy like me too?  i'd love to feel less like a dork so if you have a funny, clumsy story to share please do.  it would make me feel sooooo much better :)  i promise the coffee's on and there's a warm, cozy seat here for ya...come chat!