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i have a few family members who are storing and scouring for vintage sheets on hornby island, bc for me :)  we love visiting hornby island for the beaches, the vibe, to relax and see family but also for their farmer's market and free store.  yep, free store.  there is such a thing.  it's like a big thrift store filled with goodies and furniture but it's all free!  i always find vintage sheets when i'm there so since we weren't able to go the last 2 years our family saves up what they can find for when they come to victoria to visit.  this is my latest fave set!  don't you just love the colors!!! i couldn't resist showing it off to you guys.  anyone else got any good vintage scores lately?  i wanna see!

i hope you all had good a good weekend.  i had an especially busy weekend with polly the pfaff :) the hubs was sweet enough to let me get some serious sewing time in on saturday.  i managed to whip up a new design for a dress for the kiddos (made harper's size),

Alexander Henry Willow Grove Pink/Red In the Kitchen
 something for mackenzie and...

Michael Miller Children at Play Just Stay Little Turquoise
 my newest knits tutorial!  woot woot!  i can't wait to show you all.  we decided to spend as much family time together as we could for the long weekend before the hubs got swamped with exams again so this post is short and sweet.  but don't worry, there's lots of good stuff coming your way.

Organic Harmony Natural Interlock
 what have you all been busy crafting?  show me! i love hearing about your projects and your thrifty finds!  link up, leave a comment and let's chat ladies :)

p.s. did you see rachel's announcement yesterday for the prizes for celebrate color? wowsa!! i am seriously freaking out that i cannot  i hope you guys all enjoy the yarn prizes - i had lots of fun sourcing them all out.  go check it out now and don't forget to get your entries in for september!