Summer Sweater Knit Along - My project!

sorry about the delayed post ladies.  i had some big time internet probs yesterday.  was kind of a good thing in the end because i go to unplug a bit and get some big time knitting in.  can't wait to show you all what i have been stitching away at..and no...don't worry, it wasn't my KAL project - that's been done a while now (my knit night gals can attest to that).  it's just taken me this long to get pics due to the husband/wife photo session relationship i have..haha.  actually, this one wasn't so bad but it was rushed and the kids were not cooperating plus all the days i had good hair the hubs didn't have time to shoot the pics so you are stuck with my dirty mommy hair day :P  you know you have them too...haha...don't judge me :)

so my sweater for the KAL is done.  i have a love/hate relationship with it.  i've worn it out a few times and am slowly bonding with it.  the blocking helped a ton and the stitches have loosened and lay flatter now which is nice.  here's the deets on my kal project:

pattern: the effortless cardigan by the fabulous hannah fettig of knitbot
needle: 5.5mm knitpicks nickel plated interchangeable

this sweater fits me perfectly everywhere but the front sides.  honestly, i was so picky about fit and adjusted the sleeves and back to fit my bod but never thought to check the measurements of the front panels to the pattern suggestions and just knit as the pattern was written.  big mistake shannon.  i now have a sweater that is seriously like wearing two blankets wrapped around me..haha.  i mean look at all the knitting i did! wowsa!  i'm pretty proud of myself for getting it done.  i love this pattern though, and have no other complaints.  i would make it again but this time making the front sides a fair amount shorter (not so many increases) so the drape would not be so long or heavy on me.

i've found three ways to wear it and my fave is picture number 1 at the start of the post.  i'm on the hunt for a cool vintage brooch to wear it pinned like that.  i think i will get good use out of it like that.  i also wear it at home a ton.  it's very cozy and warm and overall i love the color, the yarn and the style of the sweater.  i highly recommend it as a first project.  it was a wonderful dive in to start playing with seamless knits.  i love the ability to adjust and modify the sizing as you knit.  it's super fun to be able to try it on as you go and see how it's fitting.  it's also exciting.

i will admit i had some challenges with the stockinette stitch.  i get bored easily and usually tend to lean towards patterns with more detail work - lace, cable or even just ribbing, but near the end i got into the flow and started to find how relaxing it is to work on and to be able to carry around with me and knit wherever without worrying about the pattern.  it was great!  i'm definitely hooked and will be doing it again :)

the best part about this cardigan are the memories made while making it. i will forever smile at the images of all the nights spent with laughs and good coffee while working away at it with my lovely knit night gals.  the moments spent in the sunshine at the beach with my little girls while i knitted away and the evenings i sat cozied up in half of it on the couch with the hubs while i stitched away at the other half and last, but not least, the awesomeness of our kal.  that in itself makes this sweater a success.  it's been so wonderful getting to know all of you and chatting everyday in our ravelry group.  it's been a great support system for me and i hope for all of you.  i learned a lot and got so inspired for all the knitting projects and knit alongs to come.  i hope you'll join me and we can continue to take that special time to spoil ourselves while working on a project just for us :)  there's memories to be made and yarn to be treasured.  happy knitting my dear friends!

stay week the winners of the prizes will be announced and starting in the first week of october will be our next kal!!!  woot woot!  you ready?  are you gonna join me?  i hope so :)

*all conversations about the KAL can be found in our luvinthemommyhood ravelry group thread here.  you can find all the previous KAL posts here.   you can also friend me on under luvinthemommyhood.