makin'it in the mommyhood - baby shower pressies!

baby goodies time!  i went to a baby shower on the weekend for my friend alex and could not resist whipping up some baby goodies for her soon to be little boy.  i will openly admit it was sooooo much fun to make boy stuff!  i  had a great time choosing the pressies to make and of course i had to make at least one thing in my fave color turquoise

burp cloths  
i whipped up a few of my favorite burp cloths.  i love giving these to new moms.  super soft, easy to clean and you can  never have enough of them.  i then paired them up with an adorable pair of "basic newborn pants" from the talented rae of "made by rae".  these are so simple to make (a great beginner project for all you new sewers out there) and seriously adorable.  i know the baby will prolly wear them for all of like a week but the size.....oh my gosh....for a moment they made me want another one....for a moment that is :P  the fabric is called robots and it's by david walker and i got it from one of my fave fabric suppliers - stitch simple where all your goodies come pre-washed and pressed.

made by rae's basic newborn pants
i then had to make something that i also think every mom cannot have enough of...bibs!  fun, stylish ways to catch all that spit up, food, drool and baby vomit...yes...gross...but moms, we all know that we, and our children, get covered in it daily for at least a year.

i had to throw in a pattern i've been dying to make for a few months now the bapron from the lovely jess of craftiness is not optional.  i LOOOOVE this bib! seriously...i think it rocks all bibs.  it's super fast to make, easy and a great way to show off some fun fabric. i plan on making a pile more of these.

bapron from craftiness is not optional

i then paired it up with an adorable drool kerchief from one of my fave sewing books "simple sewing for baby" by lotta jansdotter.  i highly recommend this book for anyone looking for an awesome collection of usable baby items that are modern and fabric focused.  it's one of my most used books.  the fabric used for these is one that i actually got accidentally shipped to me instead of what i ordered and it's called pirate pups in light blue from alexander henry and let me tell you i was not sure what the heck to do with is so saved it in the hopes that someone i know would have a boy.

drool kerchief from "sewing for baby" by lotta jansdotter in alexander henry pirate pups in light blue
and last but not least, my fave out of all the goodies - a little hand knit vest for the little man to sport.  adorable. i love it.  so friggin adorable and i can say that because i have a few pals whose little ones wear these and each time you see them you cannot help but go "awwwwwwwww".  yep, it's one of those kinda gifts.
pebble (henry's manly cobblestone inspired baby vest) by nikol lohr
the vest is called "pebble (henry's manly cobbleston inspired baby vest) by nikol lohr.  i knitted mine up in what i think would be a 6-12mths size.  it's made in 100% wool and it's super soft, squishy and oh so warm.  i finished this vest in one weekend from one skein of yarn and it was a fun and interesting knit.  plus i love items with buttons so this was a fun one for me.  the baby's name is going to be oliver and i didn't realize it until after i made it that i picked an olive green color :P

best part is if you don't knit and want one of these cuties you can also pick them up from my pal rebecca's etsy shop "nook".  they come in all sorts of bright and fun colors and an array of sizes.  she's busy whipping up a ton for an xmas market so they aren't all listed right now but if you convo her i'm sure she'd love to do any custom orders.  these are great for girls and boys.

i heart making baby pressies and couldn't resist showing you all what i've been working on.  i cannot wait to see baby oliver sporting these in a few months. it makes me wish harper was tiny again cause i really slacked on making items for her in baby sizes.  i think i made one  embarrassing.  oh well, i have lots of time to make up for it now when the sizes can actually be worn longer than a month or  stay tuned tomorrow...there's a tutorial coming your way....

have you made any baby gifts lately?  do you sew or knit baby gifts?  what baby goodies are you planning on making for gifts this holiday season?  link up! i love seeing your projects!  come share :)