carefree cowl knit along - the end is near :(

did you miss me yesterday? i missed you guys.  i've had some bad news health wise that i'm having to deal with that has to do with my lower back.  i've gone and sprained both my SI joints really badly and can hardly move.  i'm also sporting a pretty sassy belt for the next 6-8 weeks to hold myself together that makes everything and i mean everything below the belly button roll over top of it.  nastiest thing i have ever  seriously...if it wasn't so goddamn funny i would be one depressed individual right now.   imagine putting a 2 1/2" spanx band around your lower belly (where your overhang from your c-section is) and then do it up super tight!  back fat..hello...belly fat...nice to see you from this angle...muffin top....hell it's jumbo muffin now...hahaha!  who invents this stuff anyways...oh ya...a man :P

so needless to say being on the computer is extremely tough for me at the moment.  i'm pretty much stuck to bed and am not allowed to do any moving like bending or stretching or picking up kiddos or diaper changes's a big ol' mess.  thankfully my parents are coming to save the day.  they will get here on wed night and give me a hand till i am back to super shannon status again :)  i'm in a ton of pain but i managed to work on the first pic above that is a xmas pressie, and yes, i stupidly dragged myself to knit night on saturday with heating pad and pillow in tow before i was diagnosed like a raving lunatic and i finished my "shannon" in the yarn shown below.  if that doesn't show how much i LOVE my knit night gals and just plain knitting i don't know what  i haven't wanted my picture taken while wearing it so you will all  have to wait to see it.  i love it and honestly it took me all of about 2 hours or less!  how's that for a great whip up?  also this pattern is a great introduction for those of you who want to dip into the baby pool of cabling (my fave).  it's also a cowl you could easily make before the deadline tomorrow :)  since i am not doing well today i asked my partner through the carefree knit along - rebecca of "nook" to come and guest post for me today. 

now let's hear from rebecca.....

hi everyone! and thanks so much shannon, for having me here!  i'm so happy to be guest posting here again! i heart this space so much.

i've had so much fun with the carefree cowl knit along. have you? i know you have. i know that both shannon and i can't believe the wonderful response! you guys are machines!! some of you must have done, what 6 cowls? i dunno. just awesome though. plain. awesome. and it's been so inspiring to see some of you learning new tricks, giving tips, and just the general feeling of this group being a real friendly neighbourhood, ya know?

but the deadline is tomorrow, so we're popping in to give you the low-down here :)  we'd love to see all of your pretty cowls and we want to share them with everyone. so we're asking that you upload pics of your cowls to the luvinthemommyhood flicker group. it's so great that you've been sharing them in our ravelry thread too... but for the sake of simplicity, if all of the cowls can be uploaded into the flicker group, we can better share them with everyone. :) so. everyone get your cowls into the flicker group by november 13th. wait! there's more! next week we'll be announcing a special prize for this lovely knit along and also letting you know how we'll be picking a winner! sooooo...more incentive to get those purty cowls up in our flicker group :)  how's that for a grand surprise!? weeee!

and to keep this groovy feeling going, shannon and i are brewing up something to last us over the holidays, before our next kal.  we heart you guys so much! and think you've all done some fabulous work! i've met some wonderful friends along the way, so excited for what lies in store!
ok so in case you missed it earlier, here are the links:

1. be sure you are signed up in

2. place those pretty photos of your ah-mazing cowls into

thanks again for having me here shannon!

thanks for lending me a helping hand becca...luv ya xoxoxo.  you can follow along with all things "carefree cowl knit along" here:

and don't forget to pop over and show some love to our carefree cowl knit along sponsor:
jen geigley is the stylish designer behind the "gap-tastic cowl" pattern so many of us love!

how are your cowls coming along?  are you going to squeeze one more into the timeline??  i can't wait to see them all!  thank you so much for making this KAL a huge success!  what was your fave cowl pattern to knit up?