Carefree Cowl Knit Along - Starring You & a Prize!

guess who's starring in our post today!!!! that's guys!  rebecca and i could not resist posting some pics of some of your fabulous and i mean fahhhhhbbbbulous cowls!  you guys are seriously amazing!  some super talented and creative goodies were made!  gorgeous fibers were chosen and pretty patterns were picked!  you got out your cameras and wowsa!  becca and i were amazed!  you guys rock!

this knit along has been a real blast.  the ravelry group is one of my fave things to check everyday.  we all had so much fun in there seeing each other's progress, helping to choose yarns and patterns, solving each other's oopsies and just plain having a good time.  i've loved every minute of it and so has rebecca.  so while i couldn't fit all of you (my post is so not big enough) i did love each and every cowl you ladies made.  if you would like to see all the cowls that were knitted or crocheted check out our flickr group and our ravelry group.  there is a ton of inspiring eye candy.  let's take a look at some of your hard work shall we?

pretty greys...

gap-tastic cowls galore....

bandana cowls on the prowl...

fun colors...

and creative designs...all starring you!

and i had to throw a few of becca and i in there too :)  i apologize that i wasn't able to link to every photo of your guys.  it was a matter of time for my poor injured self and i figured you all would forgive me for not doing it :)  i do want to say a huge thank you to all of you for making this kal so much fun - all 192 of you!  when this knit along started i never could have imagined so many of you joining in with me!  i cannot wait to see what we are all going to create together in the new year!  so excited!

now here's rebecca (nook) to fill you in on our secret prize!

to say that this was a successful KAL is seriously an understatement! what fun! there was so much enthusiasm, and so so many projects! you guys did such great work! we even had someone do 7 cowls. yes. s.e.v.e.n. impressive? i think so!  good job hannah (ummashin)!

i have so enjoyed hosting this kal with shannon. i have to say you are a great group! and i've not got several more cowls added to my queue ;)

but we did promise a special prize, right? not one but two! yep. the giving has started early :) wanna know the goods?

1. margot pattern 2. milla hand knit chunky cowl
first prize: milla hand knit chunky cowl by jen geigley!  so gorgeous!

second prize:  the margot pattern by jen geigley

you can find all things jen geigley here:

ravelry  |  shop blog  |  facebook  twitter

the winner will be drawn at random and announced next week along with a special announcement about december from shannon and i.  i am so looking forward to the next kal. and i know you are too! 

thanks becca....and a big thank you to jen geigly for her fab patterns and her awesome prize!  you make one gorgeous preggo mama hun!  her gap-tastic cowl pattern was by far the most popular pattern of the knit along and even i made one.  i've worn it almost everyday since.  we  so appreciate it jen!

what was your favorite part of the knit along?  what pattern did you make?  do you have any memories you'd like to share or a pic that wasn't added to the flickr group?  share!  i'd love to hear how you all felt about this knit along.  i hope you had as much fun as becca and i did!  

p.s. just in case you missed the knit along goodies you can find all things carefree here: