neighbourhood cleaning time

i wake up thinking this a few times a  sometimes it even happens if the hubs is in a really good mood he'll tidy up in the morning before i those days.  but today's blog post actually doesn't have to do with the cleaning...or lacktherof..of my home.  it's about my other home.

Source: via BethAnn on Pinterest

i need your help.  you see once/twice a year i do a little survey for luvinthemommyhood to see how things are going in our little neighbourhood. sort of like a town meeting if you like.  pretend i'm the mayor and you all get a say on how your neighbourhood is run, cleaned and is functioning.  a town hall meeting of sorts :)

i know you hear the word survey and it's like bahhhhhh..."close"...and you are all super busy ladies (& gents) but i would be over the moon if you could take a few mins to answer a few quick questions.  honestly..they aren't hard or long and i would be super duper thankful.

you can fill out the survey here:

that wasn't so hard was it?'re all done and tomorrow i'll be back with some fun stuff instead of boring ol'housework!  funny thing is that when i was looking for pics for this post i got bit by the apron bug really bad and now must run to go find the perfect pattern to whip up for myself.  can you believe i've never made myself an apron?? must get on that stat.  along with the 3-4 loads of laundry that need folding, the 2 that need washing, the vacuum that needs emptying along with the dirty carpet that needs vacuuming, the bathrooms that need scrubbed, the kitchen floor that needs mopped and all the toys that need to be put away that are strewn across the condo.  oh's a good!  i think i'll go sip some coffee and knit instead :)

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thanks for helping out ladies! you guys rock!  i'm sending imaginary maid service to all of you today :)  how was your halloween?  what's your favorite retro poster?  do you have a go to saying that you use when it comes to housecleaning?  a fave apron pattern you wanna share?  c'mon over and chat :)