luvinthemommyhood handmade thank you giveaway!

1. mallory cowl  2. carefree cowl
*this giveaway is now closed. thank you for you entries!"

can we say giveaway time?!! woot woot!  thanks to all of you wonderful readers we have reached over 2,000 likes on facebook! i decided that is definitely worthy of a giveaway with a prize handmade by me! fun!!!  i wish i could make a cowl for each and every one of you - you all mean so much to me and honestly help me to live out my passions each day....THANK YOU so much!

after chatting in the facebook group about the prize i think we all decided on the winner getting to choose which cowl they would like.  the winner will get to decide between the crefree cowl and the mallory cowl (child or adult sized).  you also mentioned that you would LOVE an adult mallory cowl pattern so your wish is my command - it will be out after the holidays sometime.  the winner will also get to choose an approximate color for the cowl of their choice (subject to availability).

so to all my lovely, wonderful, talented, inspiring, uplifting, comforting, hilarious, touching and special readers i adore you all and am so grateful you continue to read my little blog each day.

the deets & lowdown:

to enter the giveaway please leave me a comment below telling me which cowl you would like to win and in what color tone to enter (ex. greys, whites, brights, etc).  that's it folks! easy peasy :)  one must have a valid email in your comment or you will be disqualified.  giveaway is open until december 27th, pacific standard time.

but wait...i have other news to share with you all.  over the past few weeks i have been a busy bee designing and launching my good pal jane richmond's new website and blog.  it's been so fun and creatively exciting! i had such a blast and thank her so much for trusting me and letting me jump right in!  i think it looks amazing and just like jane - beautiful!  there's an awesome new pattern page and shopping cart so you can buy direct from her site as well as a handy contact form and other interactive features!  make sure to pop over and check it out and also to enter her launch giveaway!  a chance to win her entire pattern collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowsa! run..don't walk  tell your knitty friends!

good luck and happy knitting!