weekend wishes

to hang with my lovely pals at knit night who have kept me strong...

 best friends by mywireempire

to never take my back for granted again...
img src: health yoga

that this was true...

to get started on my holiday decor...

diy yarn & twig dandelions

and to put my feet up and just rest in the quiet sunlight.

i'm so looking forward to this weekend.  last weekend the hubs was gone so no rest happened for this momma. i'm taking full advantage of having a few hours to myself tomorrow morning.  peaceful bliss.  i'm going to sit my butt down and not move. i want to just sit and lap up the quiet & the sunshine, filling my soul with a sense of calm.  enough to last me another 8 days till the next dose.  

we've been getting by here but it's been rough...i won't lie.  you guys know i won't candy coat things here.  it's pretty hard to take care of 2 little ones when you can't move too much...or bend...or lift...or twist...lol.  but i'm trying to stay strong and remember that this too shall pass.  there's a reason for every hardship and i hope that soon that will be made clear to our little family.  we're looking forward to having daddy home for a few restful days this month for the holidays where we don't have to worry too much about chores, deadlines, work, homework, stress, and well...life.  we want to snuggle, laugh, bask by the fire, sip hot cocoa, eat cookies, stay in our jammies all day and just enjoy each other's company.  it's been a long time and i think this year instead of counting down the days till santa comes i'm counting down the days until we can be a "family".

time seems to go by too fast lately and even though in a way i wish it would speed up so my back would be better i also wish it would just snail along.  i want to enjoy this last month.  the morning frost glittering from the morning sunlight, the sip of hazelnut coffee, the kiss of a toddler and hug of a child, the laughter of my best friend, the feel of my knitting needles and the stitches of my quilt, the beauty in simplicity, the blessings we have in our life and the belief  that through all of this, life has a way of working itself out.  i remind myself of this daily right now.  everything will be ok....it will be ok.  i will be ok.

wishing you a blessing filled weekend.  one filled with pieces of bliss and happiness, of warm snuggles, hot drinks, the joy in handmade, the comfort of good friends and the love of your family.  thank you all for your kind words and emails the last few months as i've been "under the weather".  i luv you guys.  so.....where will you be finding the beauty in simplicity this weekend?