how to conquer your sewing fears

my first buttonhole ever!!!! woot woot!
i'm over on the fabulous blog - me sew crazy today for part of jessica's super fun "new year's resewlotions" series this month!  so fun!  i started this year off with a bang and conquered 2 of my biggest sewing fears in a week and thought it would be fun to share some tips and thoughts on how we can all conquer our own sewing fears.

i'll be honest and tell you that i had a cute tutorial planned for this guest post and had it almost done when i woke up one morning and just felt like i had to get my thoughts out and on  so head on over to "me sew crazy" and check it out and show jess some mommyhood luv - she's awesome!  and be sure to take a peek at all the rest of the posts in the series there - are some awesome goodies in there!  such a great idea jess!

p.s....about that tute...don't worry - it's coming soon.  want a little hint?  it's the pic of the button above in this post :)  weeeeeee!

pps...stay tuned tomorrow our "moms in the mommyhood" series returns!!!! yippee!