warm up to winter knit along - prizes time!!!

16 cable hat from 3pumpkinslittle
woot woot...it's the "warm up to winter knit along" giveaway time!!! i figured you all deserve a little prize action for all the hard work you've been doing. honestly...i think there are peeps who are on their 11th or 12th item! seriously! they are mavens of the needles! their needles are on fire! you ladies know who you are..wink wink...we all think you knit in your sleep :P you can see some of their handiwork here in my "starring you" post but wowsa..even since then there have been soooo many more lovely items made that i had to show some more off in this post too :)

missy miss-matched mitts from susieq1202
it's been so amazing to watch you all chat and inspire each other (myself included) and it simply warms my heart to see the little plan i had for a wee knit along grow into this wonderful, supportive and caring group of talented women. whether you are just learning to knit or are an old pro - knit alongs are super fun and a great place to chat & make friends with other knitters, to find encouragement, a caring virtual shoulder to cry on when a project isn't working (i know this first hand), a wealth of knowledge when you have questions, a cheering squad when they turn out better than you imagined and a wonderful sense of community. i strongly believe that is something we all could use more of in our lives :)  you can read all of the conversations that took place for this kal here in our luvinthemommyhood ravelry group and now a wee bit more..starring you!

i heart cables from knittingmommee

but wait...where are my mitts?  well i'm sad to say my 2nd mitt is not done :( will you forgive me? with the stomach bug that went round our house combined with my complete obsession with finishing up my rocky coast cardigan sooner than later my 2nd mitt hasn't made it yet but i will get it done sooner than later and when i do i'll be showing them off on here :)  i am happy to say i did make a hat for this kal and LOVE it. i wear it almost everyday..seriously. even at home where nobody sees me but the kidlets. it loves my head and i love it :)

and now for our prize sponsors!  

we've got patterns up for grabs from one of our kal's most popular knitting designers - jane richmond!

1. audrey 2. the classic raglan pullover 3. rae 4. kathleen
1. shannon 2. elizabeth 3. bailey 4. red is best

and we've also got a pattern from the lovely duo of sisters behind "nice and knit" who's star crossed mitten pattern was inspired by our "warm up to winter knit along"! how awesome is that!
star crossed mitts from nice and knit
and we've got one of my fave knitting/crocheting shows around - "knit and crochet now" giving away some copies of their season 3 dvd's! yay!!! i seriously dig this show and i love catching it on tv whenever i get a chance.

wanna know the deets?

our first place winner will receive the following:
- 5 patterns of their choice from jane richmond!!! hello!  awesome!
- a copy of the star crossed mitts pattern from nice and knit.  love this pattern!
- and a copy of the entire season 3 of knit and crochet now!  woo hoo!  now you can knit and watch knitting! how perfect is that?!

and our second place winner will receive:
- 1 pattern of their choice from jane richmond.
- 1 copy of the star crossed mitts pattern from nice and knit.
- and a copy of the entire 3rd season of knit and crochet now.

excited?  i am and i can't even win anything..lol.  want to know how to enter? 
make sure you are signed up for the "warm up to winter knit along" and have actually started a project.  i will be using the number that google docs assigns you to correlate with the number that random.org chooses for the winner and you must have at least begun a project to join in :)  easy peasy right?  you betcha!

if you haven't already entered the knit along you can here:
all posts can be found here and the thread for the knit along can be found in the luvinthemommyhood ravelry group here!

you can enter to be part of this giveaway until sunday, february 19th and midnight pst (pacific standard time).

when you are done your hats and/or mitts please post your finished pics in either our ravelry group thread or our flickr group so we can drool over your fab work! also make sure to pop on over to "nook" later today to see what my partner in crime rebecca has been up to for her kal projects :)

good luck everyone and thanks for joining in and making this such a fun kal! you guys rock! stay tuned the next one is coming up asap!  i'm giving you a few weeks off and then we're gearing up again hopefully end of march beginning of april and we've been excited about this one since before xmas..it's gonna be a goodie..but don't be sad...there is a surprise planned in between :)

did you join in the kal?  what was your fave pattern you made?  did you step outside your comfort zone or stick to a tried and true pattern?  i'd love to see and hear what you made so chat away m'dears!