warm up to winter knit along - starring you!

yarn: berroco vintage chunky in colorway 6165

my mitts are on the go.  is this the 2nd one? nope, i'm still on the first but don't worry, it's a quick knit and i hope to be done next week by the deadline...hope..lol. (*edited to add: i finished the first one last night but haven't been able to get pics due to me taking care of two vomiting wee ones. can we say yuck?)  i got sidetracked by the demise of my almost done back of the rocky coast cardigan.  i was about an inch and a half away from ribbing and i had to rip back to about 2 inches under the armpit.  it hurt like a son of a b and i almost bawled my eyes out in starbucks.  so i hope you guys will forgive me for only having half of a mitt done so far.  the pain was just too much to bear...haha.

hineri hat by definitely
we've had some wonderful, amazing and super talented ladies join in this kal.  it's been absolutely fantastic to watch the conversations going on in the ravelry group and the amount of projects you guys have been whipping out! some of you are on your 8 or 9th object! wowsa!  rebecca and i thought that maybe a few of you would make 2 hats and a pair of mitts but we definitely did not expect some of you to do 8 hats!!!! way to go!!!!!!!! 

snail spiral by wilckepedia
and for those of you who are almost done your first way to go as well!  a lot of you were learning new techniques and have never knit in the round before so kudos for you for jumping in! so proud of you!  mitts were also a new thing chatted about this kal. it seems that a ton of us have been neglecting our fingers and hands and this was the perfect excuse to knit up some yummies for them too!  it's been so inspiring to see the different yarns and projects we have all chosen and the sheer talent that you all possess.  wanna see some more goodies?  122 ladies joined in this round and it's been a blast so without further ado here's a post starring you!!! (darn rhymes...i just can't resist em'..lol)

all projects by ummashin
1. laminar 2. cozy blue hat 3. bailey 4. bellas mittens
Ooh la la hearts hat & mitts
1.felicity 2. pasha 3. crocheted mitts 4. simple pleasures
1. my bones hat 2. shroom 3. woven 4. fair isle 5. capucine 6. lotus hat 7. truffle 8. capucine
img src: nice and knit

bravo ladies! bravo!  don't be fooled though, this post doesn't even cover close to all of the items made for the kal.  it's awesome!!!! so happy to see so many of you knitting!  stay tuned for next week when we announce the prizes and giveaway for the "warm up to winter knit along".  oh and guess what...it's never too late to join in...you've got one more week...sign up info below!  you can do it!

start date: january 11, 2012 (but you can join in anytime before the deadline)
finish date: february 8th, 2012
* please note you must sign up to be entered into any giveaways.

all posts can be found here and the thread for the knit along can be found in the luvinthemommyhood ravelry group here!

when you are done your hats and/or mitts please post your finished pics in either our ravelry group thread or our flickr group so we can drool over your fab work! also make sure to pop on over to "nook" later today to see what my partner in crime rebecca has been up to for her kal projects :)

what do you think?  aren't you guys fabulous?  do you still have projects left you want to make before the deadline?  fill me in on how your week has been so far.  i could definitely use the distraction to take my mind off my sick wee ones for a few minutes :)