weekend wishes

to one day be able to make a quilt like this...
 carrie strine
to make one of these awesome friendship bracelet rugs...
diy: friendship bracelet rug from the house that lars built
to one day have a headboard again...
img src: happy mundane
to find some pyrex... 
vintage mixing bowl set from sevenbc
to get my hands on this whole line...
salt air by cosmo cricket via fat quarter shop
to take a nap dreaming of cozy summer breezes.
img src: emmas designblogg
and to find time to write & daydream
she said by tommaso nervegna
ahhhh...the weekend.  tgif.  i'm happy it's friday and the sun is shining, the baby is laying on my lap and i've got a starbucks to my right and all of you to chat with.  it's been a looooong week.  both my babies got some nasty little stomach bug and our poor little condo was filled with fevers and lots of puke.  sorry for the tmi but it was projectile and i'm still traumatized by it..lol.  i learned more than i've ever wanted to know about cleaning up vomit. yuck.  moving on.

i made it through though and both are feeling better each day.  i never fully got it but definitely was rundown and fighting something.  i kept my spirits up by knitting and watching almost the full first season of downton abbey.  can we say addicted?! omg!!!! LOVE!  honestly, i'm kicking myself for not jumping on the bandwagon a hellavu long time ago.  this show rocks and is so inspiring.  all i want to do is sew, sketch and knit while i watch it.  are you hooked?

i've also been busy on the sidelines working on finishing up 2 new tutorials/patterns for you guys too!  so much fun!  i can't wait to show you all.  my plans this weekend are to work on a special upcoming project for this month (weee!), get my kiddos feeling better, kick my hubbies butt at mario bros., knit with my gals and get some rest.  what are your plans?

wishing you all a healthy, happy, sunshine, family, coffee & laughter filled weekend topped up with some awesome downton abbey :P  see you all monday!

what are your weekend plans?  what have you been crafting this week?  i feel out of the loop :)  fill me in gals...