knittin', knittin', knittin', keep those needles knittin'!

Pattern: Classic Raglan Pullover by Jane Richmond
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Colorway 8401

i've been trying really hard to knit up a storm lately.  i quickly realized i have way too many projects on my needles and the fact that new yarn on it's way to me this week to make some bday pressies for my girls put me into a slight panic.  i've had my "classic raglan pullover" by jane richmond in hibernation since november...poor sweater.  i literally had done about 15 rows and then put it aside to work on xmas projects.  so when i found out from my pal jane that canadian living was hosting an online kal for the classic raglan pullover i couldn't resist pulling it out of hibernation and get cracking on that bad boy. you can find the info for the knit along here on the canadian living craft blog and us peeps are also chatting about the kal in the jane richmond ravelry group.

i've only been working on it since sunday and boy does it go fast.  i was already able to separate my sleeves and try it on! definitely my favorite part of knitting a raglan style seamless sweater.  there is something so exciting about getting to the point of where your knitting starts to look like a garment.  when you have a sleeve start and an underarm and the top of your sweater!  trying it on is like adding fuel to the fire.  i always power through to this point because it's so exciting and then i get even more excited to try it on that i whip through the rest of it so i can wear it :)  it's all good.

jane's pattern is cleverly designed with lots of options for customizations to fit this pullover to your body size and measurements which is perfect for me as my arm/back size is way smaller than my bust and hip size.  i'm constantly having fit issues with my arms in knitted goods so knitting these types of garments allows me to make sure it fits me perfectly :)  thanks jane!

in between taking pics of my sweaters harper snuck in wearing one of my hats she stole.  isn't she just the cutest lil'thing? sorry.....mommy

Pattern: Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Quince & Co. Colorway Lark

back to knitting....and guess what else i finished?  yes...the sleeves are done on my rocky coast cardigan! i made it through my bad case of sleevitits.  finished one whole sleeve on saturday night.  powered through that thing.  i didn't enjoy these sleeves and they aren't perfect....but after ripping back on one i just let it go.  we couldn't figure out how to make the designs cable pattern fit in there without it looking slightly off when decreasing so wth...i just winged it and there will definitely be no shots of me showing you the underside of this sweater  it's purdy though :)

now i have to pick up the entire perimeter of the fronts and neckline and rib my brains out, then block it and finally...finally...get to wear it! i cannot wait!  so excited to be done this project.  i've still got audrey on my needles too and i'm dying to wear that beautiful red color this spring/summer.  lovely!

Pattern: Mallory Cowl (Adult) by me (you can find both the adult and youth patterns
 on sale on ravelry, the blog, and craftsy)
Yarn: Cascade 220 in colorway 9469

i also treated myself to some bright pink cascade 220 (can you tell i love this yarn?) the other week to make myself a mallory cowl.  i have made a few but not one for myself yet and figured it was about time.  it matches perfectly with my new nail polish and  it makes me feel cheerful and ready for spring.  i heart bright colors for accessories and this cowl is super fun for showcasing color!  it's also perfect for this weather we're having right now.  i'm living in long sleeve tops and my vest with a cowl.  not too hot and not too cold. perfect outfit to knit more goodies in..hahaha.

what's on your needles at the moment? are you getting excited for the new kal starting a the end of the month?  i am!!!!  any knitted projects you've been dreaming of starting?  c'mon...there must be at least a few of you out there who, like me, always have 2-3 projects on the go...right??? happy knitting!