Rosy Posy Designs - Be Mine Collection Giveaway!

and so are you
and so are you by rose beck
*this giveaway is now closed. thank you for all of your entries.*

you all in the mood for a giveaway?  i am!  woo hoo!  i figured it was about time we had a knitting related giveaway again so when rose beck of rosy posy designs offered up her 5 gorgeous patterns from the "be mine collection" i said you betcha!  i love rose's designs and i heart me a shawl. i also adore knitting lace.  i think that a wrap/shawl is a timeless addition to any wardrobe for any age and also a beautiful heirloom to pass on through the generations.  i always feel as if the shawls tell a story or a tale with the way the stitches flow. sort of like each row is a new sentence, another layer that weaves a tale.  it's a beautiful piece of shaped artwork and rose becks designs don't disappoint. just look at the pleated texture along the bottom of the shawl "and so are you" shown above and below - love it!!!

the be mine collection consists of 5 shawlettes that rose designed to be both simple and sweet.   rose states that the "collection celebrates the art of subtle romance with simple aesthetic and ease of execution". rose wanted a collection where "simplicity was key". she wanted a look that was "romantic but practical, feminine but not too frilly." she brings in that touch of romance to her designs by having drawn her inspiration for the shawls from florals.  sounds like my kind of shawl!  the nice thing with roses pattern are that they are easily adaptable.  they are all worked from the top down to allow easy customization for sizing and fit.

want to see the collection?  i do...

roses are red...
roses are red by rose beck
sugared violets...
sugared violets by rose beck
sugar is sweet...
sugar is sweet by rose beck
violets are blue...
violets are blue by rose beck

- 3 lucky winners will each win a copy of rose's collection of 5 gorgeous shawls called the "be mine collection"! wowsa!  great prize ladies!  you can't go wrong with any of these beautiful patterns! thanks rose!

- i'm still trying out a new way of entering giveaways. i've decided to have you guys enter your name/email in a google doc form instead.  when you enter your info you are designated a number by google doc based on when you enter.  this will be the number i use to correlate to your name when the winner is chosen.  make sense?  if you have any questions just ask me below in the comments.  click below to enter the giveaway:

- giveaway is open until april 2nd, 2012, midnight PST (pacific standard time).
- you must have a valid email address or you will be disqualified.

stacked columns wrap and shawl by rose beck
alright ladies, get those needles's time to knit!  good luck!  a big thank you to rose again for the wonderful prize and all of her inspring and lovely patterns.  be sure to pop over to ravelry and drool over all her other designs as well!  you can find all things rosy posy designs here:

have you always wanted to try knitting a shawl?  what do you look for when choosing a shawl pattern?  do you heart lace knitting too?  c'mon..spill the