The Fat Quarter Gang & Art Gallery Fabrics!

so excited for today's post everyone! i've been keeping some fun and exciting news and it's been soooo hard to not share all the deets with you!  are you all ready to hear about it? yay!!!!  now before you look at the pic below and laugh your butt off or think i've gone off the deep end hear me!  you see i'm a huge fan of art gallery fabrics.  i love pat bravo, bari j and all the art gallery fabric lines!  it's pretty hard to make solids look amazing and boy do their fabrics rock!  i am lovin' the pima cotton folks! so when i got asked by them to be part of a new project i of course said "HECK YEAH"!!!!
my fat quarter gang name: Shannon "Scrappucino" Cook!!!
what 's the new project? well they put together a group of some of their favorite bloggers and decided to create what's now called a "fat quarter gang"!  throughout the year some very talented bloggers and i will be sharing a new tutorial each week for a year all using fat quarters from art gallery fabrics!  yeeesssss!  and guess what?  there's lots of fabric up for grabs for you all to win too!  weekly giveaways....peekaboos at new lines coming out, flickr groups, chances for you to post a tutorial of yoru own and the best part of tutes!!! you know i love me a good tutorial!  so in honor of our new obsession with gangsta slang, poses, rap music and more we put together some funny pics and the gals over at art gallery have a great post filling you in on all the deets & introducing the member of our fat quarter pop on over....and join in!  it seriously is so much fun and we've been having such a blast!
 wait...what's that? you want to know about my name? all know how much i love starbucks right?  well i've also got a thing for scraps so when you put scraps and fraps together you got scrappucino!  think of it as my gin &! you also wouldn't want to run into my "gangsta" alter ego in a fabric shop during a wicked discount sale either...LMAO!!!  she's gotta temper when it comes to her crafty! her pincushion ring is her custom brass knuckle...hahaha! oh my....this is all just way too much's like halloween times ten..for reals folks!  just wait till you see my fellow gang members.  get ready to bust a gut.  we've had such a riot getting everything ready for you all to see!  and for the record...rachel is seriously the master of gangsta slang...that girl can throw down y'all!

watch for my first tutorial coming up at the end of june brah!  you can find all things art gallery fabrics here:

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be sure to follow art gallery fabrics on facebook & twitter to stay up to date with all things fat quarter gang!

whatcha think? fun! fun! fun! don't you just love my pincushion ring instead of brass knuckles? lol! hope you all had an awesome long weekend. grab a coffee & let's chat!