moments in the mommyhood - puttering

we had a busy weekend but a good one.  my fave part of the weekend was stocking up on our plants and working on our deck again.  we live in a condo so as much as i'd love to be puttering in my own garden we make the most with the space we've got.  each year we try something new and i think this year may be our best one yet.  we've slowly figured out what grows best where and which plants love living on our balcony. 

and before you ask...why yes, that is a venti starbucks frappucino...don't didn't drink it alone. the hubs and i shared and it was a coffee light :P  mmmm....i love fraps! and i love fraps on 1/2 price! yesssss!  now shift your eyes to the left see all that plant goodness!  yay!  bring on the tomatoes, herbs and pretty flowers!  oh...and i can't forget the grass that mackenzie is so patiently growing. she started it from seed at preschool and has lovingly watered it and taken care of it for about a month now. it's so cute.  so cute this year we let her pick out her own flowers and potted them alone so she can be in charge of that plant.  she's super excited.  she even pushed her own cart at the garden store and helped choose what we bought.

we're going with a fun color palette this year because i finally, finally, finally found an outdoor rug that i love! i've looked for one for eons as well as a table that fit out on our tiny deck and i found both this year in the same week.'s my deck year!  i'm so excited to get it all done and take finished pics for you all to see.  i think i may even recover my bench cushions and whip up some new throw pillows for out there too.  the girls and i plan on spending a lot of time out there this year due to us being on the top floor and roasting from the heat through our skylights.  it gets hot in here and i mean hot. 

here's the ugly before shot of our deck....ewwww...i hate ripping out the old dead roots and always make the hubs do it.  i like the planting and the freshness of new growth :)  i can't wait to sit out there and knit and watch the girls help me tend to our new "babies".  we've got a new watering can and the girls have some too.

the hubs even brought me home a bouquet of flowers the other day! how sweet is that?  mackenzie told him to buy them for me. now that girl is  he also surprised me last week with a little weekend getaway for me and the kidlets coming up!  we're not going far but we will be in a hotel and i'm one happy momma.  he got to go golfing on the weekend so he's one happy daddy! but now we're back to lots of work for mommy, and studying/working for him.  so there is a lot of this going on and more to come...

that's called being worn out folks.  she fell asleep eating her dinner in her booster seat.  poor little duck.  she's being so stubborn with her naps right now that she wears herself out and then just passes out randomly in weird places....adorable though :)

i hope you all had a great weekend too!  do you like to do balcony gardening?  are you lucky enough to have an awesome yard to work in? what do you like to grow the best?  i LOVE growing tomatoes & herbs. they are my fave because I get to eat them...for free :P  let's chat spring!!!