Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along - Giveaway Day!

it's our tops, tanks & tee's knit along giveaway day today ladies!!!!  yahoo!!!! you guys all did so awesome that i'm waiting to do your "starring you" post till next week so you have time to block and photograph your lovely new tops :)  and to tell you the truth...i need a few more days to finish mine...haha. i'm so close - yet a few days away.  i worked on it like a mad woman all during our little vacay but sleep won over knitting for me every time - darn comfy hotel so i'll spare you the current wip pics this week and get to the yummy prizes!  aren't our kal sponsors awesome!!!!


1. stacked columns wrap/shawl 2. lattice  3. parquet tiles 4. stucco
-first place will win a copy of rose becks new e-collection "archi-textural collection"! Gorgeous!


knitting patterns available at magpie patterns
- first place winner will get to choose 3 patterns of their choice from magpie patterns!!!
*please note: if you choose a printed pattern you have to pay shipping.


jane richmond patterns
 - first place wins a $15 gift certificate to! yay!


organic naturally dyed yarn - 3 ply worsted weight, 250yds, 100% organic californian wool from byannieclaire
 - first place will get to choose (2) skeins of their choice from "by annie claire" yarns from her spring 2012 collection! wowsa! these are organic naturally dyed yarns!
- second place will receive a copy of her adorable new hat pattern - bud (shown below).


- first place will receive a set of stitch markers from "a stitch in lime" of their choice
- second place will receive a set of stitch markers from "a stitch in lime" of their choice.
- third place will also receive a set of stitch markers from "a stitch in lime" of thier choice.

- you MUST be signed up for the tops, tanks & tees knit along and have started your project.  if you haven't already signed up you can here:

- you MAY only enter your name once.
- you MUST have at least started your project.
- you MUST have a valid email address.

a huge thank you to all of our sponsors - you guys rock!  and good luck to all of you! i'll be using the number that google doc assigns you when you entered the kal as the draw number when i use the winner will be announced next week :)  how's your project going? are you almost done or done?  how did you like the kal?

happy knitting & hopefully photo taking this week! i can't wait to see all the kal projects being added to our ravelry group! you can enter your pics to this thread here or to our flickr group. thanks everyone!!! best kal evah!