the dottie skirt tutorial - color your summer 2012!

when kirstin of "kojo designs" asked me to join in on her and delia of "delia creates" summer series called color your summer i was thrilled! last years was ahhhhmazing and i'm super excited to get to be a part of this years series.  i was even more excited to choose the color "rainbow"!  you all know i'm not afraid of color when it comes to my kiddos clothes and i'm working really hard on adding pops of color to even my own wardrobe so i jumped at the chance to use rainbow as my inspiration starting point.

i knew right off the bat i wanted something that had lots of yummy colors that to me represented the feeling of summer.  yummy sherberts, sunny weather, ice cream cones and balloons in a blue sky.  i immediately went right to my stash pile and grabbed one of my fave prints - sweet nothings collection (dots cream) by zoe pearn for riley blake designs.  it screams color and rainbow to me without being too cutesy and overly colorful.  i think it's playful and the colors are right up my alley.  i love the mix of turquoise, orange and chartreuse  - so fun!

when deciding what to make i realized i've made skirts for my girls before but have never done a skirt tutorial on the blog before so i figured it was about time to whip one up!  i decided i wanted something that had a fun twist to it!  a high waisted skirt that had a fun belt attachment that was easy to construct and fun to wear with a bit of a vintage flair to it!  the belt is made on it's own and simply stitched onto the back center of the skirt only.  the belt is decorative and the elastic waist of the skirt is what holds the skirt up!  i love the scalloped end of the belt and how it plays up the dots of the fabric.  i can see many more of these in our future in all sorts of color combos!

you ready to make one too?  pop on over to kojo designs for "color your summer 2012" for the full tutorial! i hope you have lots of fun with it! happy sewing ladies!!