weekend wishes

to welcome the sunshine...
image src: alphabet bags
to have fun at the beach...

to get this necklace...
image src: snugstudio
to sport some sassy red for canada day this weekend...
image src: kendi everyday
and to convince the hubs this is camping...lol.

img src: shelter
yahoo...it's friday peeps!  and it's a long weekend here in canada! we've got canada day on july 1st! so i won't be popping in on monday but i will be thinking of you all :)  doesn't that pic above of the camping tent look fab?  i could so camp like that i tell ya!  i love camping but i'm deathly afraid of bears.  i've almost been attacked by a bear more times than i'd like..serioulsy...and i don't mean like i saw a bear out the car window i mean standing in front of me on it's hind legs roaring with it's mouth open kind of bear.  fo'reals.  so  needless to say i get really anxoius when camping in a tent now. i much prefer trailers and such but i may be co-oerced into this lovely set up.  doesn't that look fab? you could get all dirty camping and eating smores on the fire and then climb into that gorgeous bed...lol.  ah well...a girl can dream right? i don't think my die hard hike in the bush set up camp in the middle of nowhere come eat me bear kinda camper hubby will ever change his ways :)  for now...we just don't camp...lol.

this weekend i plan on knitting, knitting, knitting, knitting & more knitting. did i say knitting yet? haha.  i'm obsessed with my summer sweater kal project. i've been slacking on all my other blog/sewing duties to work on my lovely pink grapefruit cardi. so in love with it's yummy squishyness.  i'm also teaching mackenzie to knit. my pal rebecca of nook helped get her started yesterday and now i've got to keep the ball rolling. so far she seems like a natural (yessssssss!!!!) and has been loving it! 

i do plan on doing some sewing in there though and guess what.....the sweetheart dress sewing pattern is not far away!  i'm hoping for a release date in july! so stay tuned!!!! yay!!!!  and in between all that goodness i hope to drag the hubs away from his studies long enough for us to all go hit the beach or get outdoors.  should be a good one.

wishing all of you a wonderful, beachy, sunfilled, crafty, celebrating, snuggles and lots of fun kind of weekend.  what are you all up to? anyone else have a camping phobia?  are you teaching your wee one to knit? any tips to share?  come chat m'dears <3

p.s. don't forget to get your entry in to win the art gallery fabrics fat quarter bundle (yum!) and also your very own "ruby ruffle dress" from the cottage mama! 2 giveaways in one week - wowsa!