Figgy's Kids Romper Revamp - Craftsy Class Review

zephyr pattern from figgy's
i love figgy's and i also adore shelly figueroa, one of the masterminds behind figgy's.  figgy's style & effortless designs speak right to my sewing soul :) every time a new pattern comes out i go nutso obsessing over it and i know i'm not alone.  serious sewing eye candy.  the zephyr pattern is one of my favorites.  that darling romper and sundress just make me swoon!
zephyr pattern from figgy
the fact that shelly is doing a class called "kids romper revamp: creative pattern adapting" in combination with craftsy for her zephyr pattern is pretty exciting.  if you're anything like me and sometimes wish the designer could sit down beside you while you're sewing then your wait is over!  with this course you pretty much can!  this pattern has so many lovely details and shelly walks you through them all as well as lots of tips & techniques.  you can take your time, go at your own pace, make notes right on your video and post pics/ask questions all during the class as well.  my favorite thing about having taken a class on craftsy - it's mine forever! that's right.  i can make as many zephyr patterns as i would like with this class....till i'm 90 if i'd  and shelly and craftsy even threw in the zephyr sundress pattern with the romper! sweet!!!!

zephyr pattern from figgy's
i set out to make the romper originally but i had promised whichever garment i make next to be for mackenzie and when she saw the romper and the sundress pics she cried for the sundress.  she really, really wanted it so who am i to deny her right? lol!  so sundress it was.  i still watched the entire video for the romper because the techniques are mostly the same and i intend to make harper a romper asap.  i love this pattern. adorable!!!  i only ran into one glitch in my sewing adventures....the pictures.  my poor little girl is sick and can't model for me and i was up very, very late last night taking care of her.  so the pics of my zephyr sundress will hopefully be up sooner than later :)  i'm hoping tomorrow.  but in the meantime here's my lo'down scoop on the "kids romper revamp" class!

kids romper revamp class on crafsty
  what do you get with this class?  awesomeness!!!

honestly!  i was blown away by how well done the video is.  there are so many wonderful functions that come along with the layout/design and functionality of craftsy with this type of instructional video.  shelly is a natural and it's like sewing with a friend.  i learned so many wee tips from shelly, she seriously filled this class with little sewing jewels.  i'm a very visual learner and it was great to follow and sew along with shelly.  she goes over everything and i mean everything about sewing this pattern.  from how to tape your pdf pages together, which needles to use on your machine for what type of fabric, what all the lines and doo dads mean on a pattern page, how to sew the steps & even down to the right techniques & tools to use.  it really was educational and i learned a lot of things that i didn't even know.  well worth the time and i highly recommend it.  

the lessons on how to measure your child accurately and adapt your pattern for the perfect fit were really handy for me - especially for mackenzie.  there is even an adorable measuring chart you get to print out that goes along with your class info.  she even goes over which fabrics to use for what season! hello!!! genius!

the purchase of the kids romper revamp class includes:

+zephyr romper pattern +zephyr sundress pattern
+instructions & diagrams +tips & techniques +supplies & resources

* your class after purchase is available forever (how handy is that!!!)
* clear, bright, professional video.
* ability to take video notes.
* ask questions anytime and during any lesson during your class.
* post your own photos to ask questions/help.
* shelly provides in depth tips & techniques that help to make sewing that much easier and fun.
* class is broken up into lessons so you can easily find/watch exactly what part you are looking for.
* learn more about shelly and her background.
* lessons include videos for:

 + intro  +proper measurements +the zephyr romper & sundress pattern +fabric +interfacing +braiding technique +gathering & main yoke attachment +completing the romper top +romper short pockets +completing the romper +custom options +bonus

what you'll learn:

* make a stylish romper for girls ages 18mths to size 8/9. 
* learn how to adjust the romper for a perfect fit.
* adapt the basic pattern to create four pattern variations from pants to a dress.
* learn tips for adapting the romper for different seasons & fabrics.

zephyr pattern from figgy's
all in all it was a really fun and enjoyable experience.  i would definitely take another craftsy class.  and guess what?  if you would like to take the kids romper revamp class you can for 50% off right now!!!!! yee haw!!! woot woot! seriously though.  i'm not kidding 'round here....that is a mighty fine deal.  that's almost just the cost of the pattern! say what?!'s a steal of a deal!  for $20 you get the zephyr pattern, all the perks that come with the class (and there are some goodies) and the class - forever!!!!  you can buy your discounted class by clicking on the link below, you know you wanna...

click here for the 50% off kids romper revamp craftsy class

you can find all things shelly and figgy's patterns here:

a special thank you to shelly for being so darn inspirational, sweet and just plain awesome.  also let me just say you made my month when i spotted little ol' luvinthemommyhood mentioned in the supplies & resources section for blogs! i nearly peed myself!!!! you rock girl!

have you all taken a craftsy class before?  did you enjoy it? are you a fan of figgy's? what's your fave pattern? let's chat sewing m'dears! and stay tuned for my zephyr dress!


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