Book Review: How to Make Stuffed Animals

how to make stuffed animals by: sian keegan
i recently got the opportunity to review a new book called "how to make stuffed animals: modern, simple patterns + instructions for 18 projects" by sian keegan.  i jumped at the chance.  i mean in all seriousness how cute is this book!  for real.  it's adorable.  it oozes awesomeness.  we all know that normally stuffed animal books are cute, that's a given, but this one is special.  it's modern, clean and the patterns all reflect sian's style as well.  she both illustrated and wrote the book.

the book layout and design speaks for itself.  the illustrations throughout the book and for the patterns themselves are such a great touch and help to carry that modern aesthetic throughout the book.  i literally squealed when i got the book and opened it up and saw the page above.  love.  simple as that.

the book contains 18 fun projects that are simple to make but yield really professional results.  they are all animals and vary from dachshunds, cats, lambs all the way to penguins and grizzly bears.  there's an animal in there for everyone :)

all the projects in this book can be completed with about 1/4 yard of fabric.  hello!  fat quarters! yee haw!  i love when i can find some fun projects to use fat quarters with! that means these projects are modern, simple and fun to make and also don't cost alot!!! woot woot!

sian also shows you throughout the book in both the photography styling and the projects themselves that these stuffed animals can also be used for other things besides just a toy.  They can be used as a cake topper, hanging mobile and even an ornament!  Heck they would look awesome just on a cute shelf in your craft room even! 

sian also has a whole chapter in the book just on "things to know before you make your animals".  it covers materials, techniques, sewing, stuffing and hand stitches. 

i highly recommend this book for anyone looking to have a go at making stuffed animals.  i can't wait to whip one of these up.  i'm thinking they would be great little xmas pressies for the girls or even just for myself :) 

you can read more about sian keegan at the links below. if you pop over check out her stuffed plants! they are amazing!!!  happy stuffie sewing everyone!

do any of you love making stuffed animals?  are you a sucker for a handmade toy?  which animal would you make first?  are you as excited as i am to see some modern patterns for stuffed animals?  c'mon...let's chat :)