Shoplocket Review & a $100 Michaels Gift Card Giveaway!!

ohhhhh do i have something fun to show you today.  i know there are a ton of you ladies out there who have been pondering selling their patterns, handmade lovelies and more online but have hesitated due to all the work that is involved with setting up an etsy shop etc.  it takes a lot of work and not all of us have time for it.  but guess what?  worry no more m'dears!  check out the new site shoplocket!!!  it takes all guesswork out of selling online and what makes it so unique is that you create your listings FOR FREE and it gives you a sleek, modern listing that you simply embed on your blog, facebook page etc that you can share all over social media to sell whatever it is you want to sell!! and before you's so easy.  trust took me less than 5 minutes to set up my listing and the fact that i can set it up to sell directly on my blog and have the pdf pattern go instantly to my customer makes me a very happy designer.

i thought i would show you all a bit about shoplocket and what it has to know....the inside scoop.  i can't wait to see how many of you are going to go "aha, this is exactly what i've been waiting for" and get those awesome patterns up for sale.  have a cute dress you want to sell - boom...list it on shoplocket and you're done.  flash that lovely listing anywhere you please.

want to know more about shoplocket?  there's even a fun video you can watch plus you can enter to win a $100 gift card to michael's! say what? yep, you heard  $100 buckaroos people.  click here to get the deets on our review blog & enter to win.

you can find all things shoplocket here:

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