Book Review || Mabel's Closet by Hannah Fettig

Mabel's Closet is a gorgeous and "precious collection of modern baby girl knits" perfect for that new wee one in your life designed by the talented Hannah Fettig (of Knitbot) and knit up with yarn from one of my favorite yarn companies - Quince and Co. Mabel's Closet is a useful and handy collection that was inspired and written for Hannah's new daughter Mabel featuring the oh so lovely  yarns and colorways from Quince and Co.  With a foreword & art direction by Pam Allen (one of the brilliant designers behind the fab Quince and Co), Hannah has created a lovely release of some wonderful patterns.

Mabel's Closet is priced at $15 and with your purchase you receive a signed, limited edition book in a muslin bag with a button pin designed by Neesha Hudson & an ebook.

||  PATTERNS  ||

Mabel's Closet includes patterns for the following:

- Cradle Cardigan
- Spring Jumper
- Beret
- Autumn Frock
- Stripe Hat
- Simplest Baby Blanket

Mabel's Closet's graphic design and photography was done by the talented Carrie Bostick Hoge (another creator of Quince and Co), whose work is very inspiring to me. She has such a wonderful signature to her aesthetic and I adore everything she does.

Hannah also used Neesha Hudson, the same illustrator from her previous book "Coastal Knits", who adds a special touch to this collection with whimsical illustrations.  The little bunny on the cover is just so adorable and you can find gems all throughout this little book.

I definitely recommend Mabel's Closet and think it's a great staple to any knitter's collection who is looking to make up some gorgeous baby knits.  True to Hannah's classic style this collection doesn't disappoint.  Her color palette and designs combine for a soothing, modern and natural feel allowing you to imagine all the possibilities for your special wee one.

You can watch a video overview of the collection here and find Mabel's Closet on ravelry here.

You can purchase your very own copy of Mabel's Closet here and also check out the lookbook here as well.  Have fun and happy knitting!!!

A big thank you to Hannah Fettig for all the wonderful inspiration  patterns and also for letting me review this lovely collection.  Thanks Hannah! Mabel is gorgeous and so is the book.

You can find all things Hannah Fettig (Knitbot) here:

what do you think?  which one is your fave of the patterns? are you a big fan of hannah's and quince and co?  do you have a go to baby knitting pattern?  coffee's on....come chat!