downton abbey knit along || starring you!

wispy cardigan made by mamatronic
today is the day! it's time to show off all of your hard work from our downton abbey knit along m'dears! i am absolutely amazed by the talent of this group of ladies! so many lovely knits! my queue and faves grew in epic proportions this kal! i feel a strong urge to make a lot of hats and shawls! asap! this is one of my favorite posts to write when we do our knit alongs.  i love going through all of the FO pics in our ravelry group and seeing just what was accomplished during the kal. it feels wonderful to know we all knit these TOGETHER.  it may not have been in person but we still did it together.  i love that.

the best part is that we all did them while watching one of our favorite shows - downton abbey.  i think it's safe to say we all love it and it just made this kal that much more fun to have downton gossip to dish which spurred many other wonderful and very special conversations in our ravelry group.  new friendships were made and existing ones were made stronger.  a lot of new techniques were learned and a few of us recovered from our boo boos (myself included) and we all managed to come out of it with brand new lovelies to show off.

to say i luv you all is an understatement.  the wonderful and caring group of ladies in our rav group have such a special place in my heart. i look forward to going on there everyday and chatting and seeing what you are all up to and doing this post is my little way of saying thank you! thank you for being you, for being brave, for being strong, for staying up late with me, for loving downton as much as i do, for loving knitting as much as i do and for being such a welcoming group of gals. i also have lots of AWESOME prizes to give away next week too! so now....enough of my's your hard work ladies! 


1. magrathea 2. frederick & anne scarf  - both made by this handmade life
1. rustling leaves beret made by kpbailey 2. caroline made by kcmomof2 3. nola cloche made by northernheather 4. sideways grande cloche made by expecting sam 5. escargot made by sewsable 6. lucy hat made by mootastic1 7. regina made by rashooray 8. brattleboro hat made by jenny makes stuff  9. copenhagen hat made by 9crafty11

downton cowl made by kpbailey
1. imogen cowl made by schatzi knits 2. cladonia made by svenna 3. cladonia made by culabrat
1. regina made by ummashin 2. downton cowl made by carambole 3. rustling leaves beret made by girl like the sea
ethereal made by mrscattel
1. stripe study shawl made by rncurlysue 2. artemis cowl made by jannamaria 3. downton cowl made by juniper grace 4. faraway so close made by mootastic1 5. pretty triangle scarf made by corrinemb 6. drop stitch cowl made by jackiemcmahan
downton girl made by celtic cast on
1. shallows made by jpknitknot 2.gramps made by expecting sam 3. fishtail wristwarmers made by emsmomma 4. quill made by kirstyl 
regina made by pajfrun
1. wintered wheat mitts made by avasmom2007 2. ringwood gloves made by quiteamuzing 3. peacock eye fingerless mitts made by avasmom2007 4. regina made by lilpixie124 5. waiting for winter mittens made by knitterlydesigns 6. wintered wheat mitts made by nidhikansal 7. crochet lace fingerless mitts made by therapsdia 8. knitted neck scarf made by sewknittystar 9. socks made by minervas 10.. victorian cabled wristlets made by lauranh
1. downton cowl made by  2. downton cowl made by urbanizer
1. doily made by cnuland 2. a little something made by kcmomof2 3. stockholm scarf made by mudpunch 4. downton cowl made by trishaclap 5. downton cowl made by ackirebecci
grace lace beret made by arika
congrats ladies! did you get your project finished?  what was your fave part of the knit along?  do you have a fave episode so far of downton abbey?

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